Jayatheertha Kannada Actor
Other Skills

‘Jayatheertha’ is an Indian social worker, activist, and filmmaker. He was born on 8th of May, in 1977. He had to train in a theater at Abhinaya Taranga from 1993 to 1994. He had also worked as a playwright and director. He has performed in more than 4200 stage plays. He has started over 150 theater training courses based on life skills. From 1996 to 2007, he wrote and directed over 65 street dramas and 10 stage performances. He made a film titled Hashim Thi. He hired 500 actors and shot at the Al-Ameen School building.

Moreover, he made 450 episodes of the show named Chukka China. It is a radio series for children. It has the highest TRP in Africa. Later, he wrote about six plays for different stages and 69 street shows based only on social causes and problems. Then, he scripted fifteen short length stories. He also made an experimental stage drama, ‘Hebbal’, using various folklore stories and proverbs.

Jayatheertha always loved to work for social and charitable causes. He organized workshops for deaf and dumb children, teachers, HIV/AIDS patients, psychologists, and counselors.

He has connections with many renowned organizations. Some of his corporate companies connections are in Ogilvy & Mather Ad Company, Arvind Mills, Global Alliance, Accenture, Novel, and Jindal Plant. Some of his works with NGOs are in Madhyam, Myranda Plan, Janapada Academy, and Education Development Center. Others are Bangalore Agenda Task Force and Sacred Heart College. He has showered his care and love for more than 70 organizations across India.

Coming to his filmography, he directed a short movie, Hai Vu, in 2007. It won an award at the Paris Cinerail Film Festival for the Best Indian short length picture. In 2011, he made a Kannada screenplay and featured Aakanksha Mansukhani and Srikanth in it. B. Govindaraju was the producer and it was released on 21st of January, in 2011. It has received appraisal and awards for the Best Director at the 59th Filmfare, Raghavendra Chitravani, Big FM- ETV, and Santosham Award. He won an award for the Best Film in the 59th Filmfare. In 2013, he made ‘ Tony Click to look into! >> Read More... Tony ’, and won the Best Screenplay award at the Karnataka State Film Awards. In 2015, he directed Bullet Bisaya. It is a comedy photoplay and starred Haripriya and Sharan in it. Critics gave mixed responses and it had its release on the same day as ‘Baahubali’. Presently, he is working on another named as Beautiful Manasugala. He also has the award for the Best Back Stage Designer in Abhinaya Tharanga.