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Nayana Krishna Kannada Actress
Other Skills

Nayana Krishna is an all round famous actress in South Indian film industry. She is mainly seen to have taken part in Kannada films. As an incredible actress, she is seen to have taken part in hit films such as “Samsaradalli Golmal”. The film was released in the year 2012. The movie was able to bring out all the characteristics that Nayana posses as an actress. She was able to capture her audience from the first scene itself. She did a rather bold move in taking and committing to this film, but all was good, as the movie proved to be a big break for Nayana. Her body language and expressions reek of quality and character.

Nayana was able to mold herself according to the description of the character she was assigned with. The rest of the crew found it extremely interesting to work with this talented young actress. And thus, she was able to star in her next film “Kotlallappo Kai”. The movie, like her previous movie, was able to bring fame and luck to the actress. The movie was released in the year 2013. She took her acting skills a notch higher in this fun entertainer. The Kannada audience was stunned by her stage presence. She has that one rare quality, a radiance within her that enables her co-stars as well as the audience to know her presence. She is able to grab hold of them and sway them according to the mood of the film.

Another great quality that she has is the quality to set the mood of the film with her expressions and actions. A single glance and the way she tells her dialogues or dances is simply enough to give the audience a full understanding of the present mood and theme of the film. This is a unique quality that lies only with those exceptional of actors and actresses. Another film that she has committed to is “Nayana MMs” which is set for the year 2018. It is a big budget film that makes use of the actress to her full potential. The actress is a versatile actress who is able to do any type of character without any difficulty. A bold character or an innocent character, she is able to execute them with grace.