Kashinath Kannada Actor
  • Date of death: 18-01-2018
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Kashinath is an Indian film director and actor. His work is dominant in Kannada movie industry. He is very well known in the south as the “trendsetter.” It is said that he is the one who began the trend of music and film direction, production, acting, etc. He was born in Kundapur, Karnataka, India. He changed the way Kannada cinema was in terms of looks, dialogue delivery, and the overall feel. He is changing the style of the movie which partly made all his films very successful. The audience, as well as cinema critics, likes the feel of his work. Some have tagged his work unconventional and weird.

He changed the way movies were perceived and launched various talented directors such as Sunil Kumar Desai Born in North Karnataka, Sunil Kumar Desai is a we >> Read More... Sunil Kumar Desai , Upendra, and Manohar. He is known in the Kannada cinema like the one who gives a fair chance to talented newcomer actors whose talent was earlier used to get unnoticed. He has an eye for talent and potential in people. He is the multi-talented human in the industry who doesn’t shy away from making films on rather sensitive subjects and are taboo in the society which often arouses his enemies who tag his as the reason for the decline of Kannada cinema. Some haters even mark his work as vulgar.

In his childhood, he was a studious boy. He was inclined to study science; given his uncle is a scientist in the USA, and thus did his graduation in Science from Vijaya College, Bangalore, India. Due to his fair look, in the college days, he used to get to play female characters in the portrays based on Indian mythology. He learned filmmaking with Suresh Hubalikar when he joined Asima, a troupe, and got exposed to the art. His first venture was a short film named "Slip," which he had submitted in Bal-Bhavan, Cubbon Park, Bangalore. British critics raved the movie.

In 1975, he debuted as a director with the picture called Aparoopada Athitigalu. To produce it, he took the financial help from his father who is a businessperson. The film was of comedy genre and a hit. The second movie to his credit was a suspense thriller, a story about a man with dual personality, named Aparichita. It starred Suresh Heblikar Suresh Heblikar is an Indian Kannada Filmmaker, a >> Read More... Suresh Heblikar and Sunder Krishna Urs and was a success. He directed the same movie with title Be-Shaque and Mithun Chakraborty When we talk about the few legends in the Indian f >> Read More... Mithun Chakraborty as the lead actor. He went on to direct as many as sixteen hit films in the different genre.

In 1984, he debuted in acting with the movie Anubhava. He directed the remake of the picture in Hindi. The audiences as well as critics appreciated both the versions it. He has acted in more than forty movies including Avale Nanna Hendthi. He made a film named 12 AM Madyaratri with his son Abhimanyu.