Born in 1953 in Auckland, David Aston is a multi-talented actor. He has worked in television commercials, given voiceovers and has worked in plays. Aston is also a diploma holder in Dramatics from the University of Auckland. He started his acting career by working in plays for Mercury Theater Corporate where he performed in Shakespeare plays like King Lear, Petruchio, and exact==Macbeth. Later Aston also worked for Auckland Theater Company in plays like The Crucible (2006) and Copenhagen (2001). He has also worked with Silo Theater and Fortune Theater.

Aston made his television debut with Country GP, which was a major 80’s drama series that depicted post-war years 1945 to 1950 in a rural central south island town. He also worked in television series like Shortland Street (1992-1993), Hercules: the Legendary Journeys, Street Legal (2002) and Not only but Always. He last appeared on television is Shortland Street series as Dr. Reuben Fitzpatrick , eccentric father of Loren. Aston’s career in films dates back to 1983 when he worked in the movie, Out Of Time as Harry. Throughout his acting career in films, he has been majorly seen in side roles. His first appearance in Hollywood was in the 1999 thriller movie, The Matrix where he plays the role of Thomas Anderson’s boss at Metacorex, who asks him to be punctual.

Later he was also seen in movies like The Atomic Twister, Murder in Greenwich, and the Last Diplomat as a British diplomat. He also appeared in the famous movie Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King and the Mystery of Treasure Island. In 2007 he worked in the movie “We are here to help you” and his last appearance in films was in 2009 in the movie Underworld: Rise of Glycans as Coleman. Overall he has a more appreciable career in plays and television shows than in films. He is 63 years old now and still active in the industry.