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Arash Labaf is a Swedish cum Iranian entertainer, singer, and producer. He was born on 23rd of April 1977. His birthplace was Tehran in Iran. Arash, at the age of ten, shifted to Sweden. Arash in an interview, declared that his parents belonged to the cities of Isfahan, and Shiraz. His grandfather was an Iranian Azerbaijani. Coming to his career, he had a deep attachment to the culture of Persia and Iran. It was the only reason that he chose to sing and perform in his local language. His first album was Arash.

It released under the Warner Music Sweden production in the year 2005. He gained popularity with his hits. Some of them were Boro and Temptation. It came on the top in Europe after its release. The videos of these hits had played on more than 20 MTV outlets all over the world. After being successful in his own country, he performed in other places like Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania, Slovenia, and Turkey. He had seen in several charts such as in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and all over the Arab Mid-Eastern countries.

His hits had received the gold certification across five countries. His album had released in Russia, Slovenia, Greece, and Germany and his single titled Boro in Sweden. He also starred in the Hindi movie Bluff Master Click to look into! >> Read More... . On MTV India, he was the Artist of the Month. Arash acted in a video of Pure Love along with Marianne Puglia. He produced Allt jag vill ha in 2010 along with Robert Uhlmann, Thomas G: son, and Johan Behold. Josefine Ridell did the song. In 2009, it had divulged that the entry of Azerbaijani for the 2009’s Eurovision Song Contest would be for the song titled always. Arash wrote and composed it. Aysel Teymurzadeh and Teymurzadeh and Arash had done it.

It had qualified for the contest in Eurovision Song Competition. It ranked the third position. His other albums include 2008’s Donya and 2014’s Superman. Donya was the second album of Arash. It released in 2008. Some of the singles were Suddenly, Dasa Bala, Kandi, Pure Love, and Donya. Superman was his third produced one. The singles were Melody, Broken Angel, and Iran World Cup 2014. He starred Sean Paul in She makes Me Go, and T-Pain in Sex Love Rock n Roll. Crossfade was his first remix album. It released in 2006. Coming to his personal life, he married to Behnaz Ansari at Dubai in 2011.


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