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Lowell Ganz is an American screenwriter, television writer and television producer. He, along with his 40-year-old writing partnership with , is quite notable. Ganz was born in New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York City, son of Jean and Irving Ganz, an art supply executive. He attended the Queens College, in New York with his friend Mark Rothman where they began their career as a writer. The duo dropped out of college to try their writing gig at Randall’s hit TV show The Odd Couple.

After being fired, they were re-hired by producer Garry Marshall Born on 13th November 1934, Garry Marshall's f >> Read More... Garry Marshall which led to the start of their career in Hollywood. He began his career with the sitcom Paul Sand in Friends And Lovers, followed by Happy Days and also co-created two spin-offs Laverne And Shirley and Joanie Loves Chachi. His partnership broke due to interference by studio executives and he was eventually paired with Babaloo Mandel. The duo teamed up with Ron Howard, fellow Happy Days alumni, and Henry Winkler American actor Henry Franklin Winkler is well-know >> Read More... Henry Winkler to make their first film “Night Shift”.

Their second stint ‘Splash’ launched and Daryl Hannah The 55-years-old Daryl is an American film actress >> Read More... Daryl Hannah and for which Ganz even earned a nomination for the 1984 Academy Award for Best Writing. The much-appreciated team went on to write several other films, five of which have starred Billy Crystal Billy Crystal was born in the Bronx of New York Ci >> Read More... Billy Crystal , two have starred Tom Hanks and two others with Michael Keaton Michael Keaton is an American actor. He was born M >> Read More... Michael Keaton . Ganz being a passionate fan of the New York Mets has written two films on baseball. Their film ‘Parenthood’ which happens to be a semi-autobiography was highly appreciated by critics; both of them had become Hollywood script doctors by this time.

Their screenwriting for several major movies such as ‘ Stuart Little An animated TV series that aired in 2003 is a 13 e >> Read More... Stuart Little ’ or ‘Stuart Little 2’ remains unaccredited. Ganz lives with his wife in Los Angeles whom he has been married to for over 30 years and has three children with - Scott, Allie and Simon, all working in the same entertainment field.