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Ginnifer Goodwin is originally known as Jennifer Michelle Goodwin, was born on May 22, 1978. She has been working as an actress in the American film industry as well as has appeared on the television. Her birth place being Memphis, Tennessee and her mother was Linda, who was a teacher and had also served Apple and FedEx. She was the daughter of Tim Goodwin, who was the owner of a recording studio. In order to have a unique name with an individual identity, Goodwin changed her name from Jennifer to Ginnifer. Tim and Linda has a younger daughter named, Melissa Goodwin, who works as an illustrator in movies like Robot Chicken. Goodwin’s mother being a Jew and her father, belonged to the Welsh category, so Ginnifer was brought up in a very unique manner, she was a regular at the Jewish prayer house on Saturdays and went to Church on Sundays. She followed both the Jewish and the Christian rituals, she got baptized and also followed the bat mitzvah services. She completed his school days at St. Mary’s Episcopal School in Memphis, Tennessee. Later in 1996, for her graduation, she went to Lausanne Collegiate School. After that to pursue her career in theater, she attended Hanover College for a year and then went to Boston University to attain her degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts. As a part of Boston University, Ginnifer, took part in several acts and short films and also represented her college in small stage productions in and out of the University. At Boston University her performance was very well appreciated and the Bette Davis Foundation also awarded her with the “Excellence in Acting: Professional Promise Award". After her graduation course at the Boston University, she went off to England to study at the Shakespeare Institute in association with the Royal Shakespeare Company. At the London Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, she was awarded with the Acting Shakespeare Certificate.

Ginnifer started her career in the industry with her debut in a television program titled "Law & Order" and "Ed", channelled on NBC. Next she played a role in "Porn 'n Chicken", on Comedy Central. Then she moved on to playing roles in movies which includes, "Mona Lisa Smile", "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!", played Vivian Liberto in "Walk the Line". In "Love Comes to the Executioner", she portrayed Dori Dumchovic, and also as a leading actress playing Margene Heffman, in "Big Love", an HBO series. She has contributed his voice in a Cartoon Network Show, "Robot Chicken", where her younger sister Melisa works as an animator.

Ginnifer seemed to be a very promising actress and hence was awarded with the Face of the Future Award by Max Mara, in 2008. A February 2009 release, "He’s Just Not That into You", was a Ginnifer's film, where she played the role of Gigi, this even gained her the nomination of People’s Choice Award for Breakout Movie Actress. In 2011, she started portraying as a lead actress in a drama series titled "Once Upon a Time", where she played a dual character, one as a fairy and the second its real world counterpart. She has also participated in a Walt Disney Animation Studio production, " Zootopia Click to look into! >> Read More... ", in 2016, as Judy Hopps.

In her personal life, she got involved with Chris Klein Chris Klein is an American actor. He was born as F >> Read More... , for a couple of years and broke up in 2008. Later, she dated an actor Joey Kern, with whom her relationship ended in May 2011. After that she fell in love with her "Once Upon a Time" co-star Josh Dallas Joshua Paul aka Josh Dallas is an American actor. >> Read More... , with whom she got married on 12th April 2014. In May 2014, the couple delivered a son, named Oliver.

Ginnifer abstained the use of animal products from her diet, but later due to some petty health issues she had to adopt a few animal products, which led her to abort Veganism. In spite of living a decade without having a religion, a tradition, a ritual, Ginnifer opts to be a Jew (which she has been by birth) for the rest of her life.


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