Gary Lucchesi was born on January 4, 1955 in San Francisco, California. He completed his graduation from Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory which is based in San Francisco. He completed graduation in 1973. Then he went to attend the UCLA. He is an American Film producer. He produced many films which are worth watching and incredible and he has worked with many production houses and gained a lot of experience. He is also the The Producers Guild Of America’s President, which is a Non-Profit Organization. The members of the Producers Guild Of America with majority wanted him therefore they elected him and McCreary as President. They replaced Mark Gordon and Hawk Koch. He is also the President of the Lakeshore Entertainment.

He started his career with The William Morris Agency which is a talent based agency of Hollywood . He worked as an agent there. He represented various artists there like Susan Sarandon She is one of the best living women legends in Hol >> Read More... Susan Sarandon , Kevin Costner He is one of the most seasoned stars in Hollywood >> Read More... Kevin Costner and many more. He has also worked in the TriStar Pictures. he served as both President as well as the Vice President there. Then he became the President of the Paramount Pictures, he worked as the Production President in Paramount which is again quite helpful for his career and provided him a way to move forward. While working with all these production houses Gary founded his own as well which was named as Gary Lucchesi Productions. In his production house he produced an amazing film Primal Fear which got nominated for Oscar. He was also the President of another Film company named Andrew Lloyd Webber’s which produced many films.

This produced the hit musical Cats. In 1997 he got another amazing opportunity to run Lakeshore Entertainment. Tom Rosenberg offered him this opportunity. He was also the president of Lakeshore Entertainment once. During the time he was working with Lakeshore it produced more than 60 films which include the very popular Million Dollar Baby and Underworld. He has done many films like Underworld; this film focuses on the existence of the vampires and the Lycan clans. He also produced the film The Age of Adaline. He also produced the film Crank (2006). He has did a brilliant job as a producer and contributed a lot to the industry. Lucchessi was also named as the President at the PGA. Gary Luccessi will get honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award in the International Cayman film Festival. He has contributed a lot to the industry throughout his life.