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Alen David Yorkin, famously known as Bud Yorkin, was born on February 22, 1926, in Washington, Pennsylvania. He had grown up with a passion for acting, and then he took many chances to prove his caliber. He studied Bachelors in Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania.

Bud Yorkin entered the television industry as a producer for The Tony Martin Show, in 1954. Later, he directed the TV sitcom based on a military plotline, The Soldiers, in 1955. With this TV series, those who starred like Hal March, Tom D'Andrea, and John Dehner, became so famous in the later days. Though Bud Yorkin couldn't get much response as a producer for The Tony Martin Show, he got a positive response as a director for The Soldiers. Later, the actors who acted in The Soldiers, appeared in Colgate Comedy Hour, which increased their fame.

Bud Yorkin directed a variety show, The Ford Show, in 1956. Soon, in 1958, along with Norman Lear, he started a new production house by the name, Tandem Productions. In the same year, Bud Yorkin again produced, An Evening With Fred Astaire, which starred Barry Chase and Fred Astaire. Altogether, this TV program received nine Emmy Awards in various categories. It turned out to be one of the milestones in television industry, where the movie was made into a color videotape, and had outstanding and innovative ideas. “All In The Family” was a turning project for his lifetime. It starred Jean Stapleton, Rob Reiner, and Danielle Brisebois. It’s plot is also a good enthusiastic experience for the audience. Though it is a comedy, they portrayed social evils like racism, sexism, the middle-class life, etc. which is extremely new for the people. From 1971-1976, All In the Family, became one among the Fifty Great Television Series and won four awards. Sometimes, many compared it to some other TV programs, but it reached the highest positions in the history of the television. In 1972, under the Tandem Productions, he made ‘Maude’, which was a sitcom comedy. It gave a chance for actors like Beatrice Arthur, Bill Macy, and Conrod Bwin.

Bud Yorkin have a big deal of innovation and enthusiasm, which makes a different name and fame in the industry. When his friend left the main partnership, he started Bud Yorkin Productions. From the first day, it started entertaining the audience and got a reasonable response. ‘Grady’ was the debut from the production house, but it got some negative responses.

Bud Yorkin came up with “What’s Happening”, after forming TOY Productions, which released some blockbusters. With “What's Happening”, he got elected as the member of the Television Hall of Fame. He died on 18 August, 2015.


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