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Who will ever forget the character “Jim” in the movie franchise “American Pie?” Did you also imagined of doing the same thing with the apple pie? This is one of his unforeseen and hilarious acts in this movie that made him so famous in one night. He was born as Jason Matthew Biggs on May 12th 1978 in New Jersey – U.S. he is a voice talent, actor and comedienne. He was married to Jenny Mollen on 2008 and got 1 child. He went to study at Hasbrouck Heights High School and made huge success in tennis. He also attended Montclair State University for few weeks.

He first became a voice talent for the TV animated series “ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Click to look into! >> Read More... ” as the voice of Leonardo. He made 2 films as a start in 1991. He didn’t right away gain the attention of viewers. Made the 1997 movie “Camp Stories” and made his iconic role as Jim Levenstein in 1999 movie “American Pie.” He made 2 movies in 2000 entitled “Boys and Girls” and as Paul Tannek in the movie “ Loser Loser is a Telugu web – series that premiered on Z >> Read More... .” 

In 2001 he played the role “Darren” in the movie “Saving Silverman”, made a comeback-role in the movie “American Pie 2.” In 2003 they made a follow up movie “The Wedding” making another funny hit with their chemistry as a group of friends helping each other. He also appeared as Arthur in the 2004 movie “Jersey Girl” and Corporal Rudy in the 2005 movie “Guy X.” 

He also made 3 movies in 2006 naming “Farce of the Penguins”, as Charlie Cooper in the movie “Eight Below”, and as Anderson in “Wedding Daze.” He made additional credits to his line up in 2007 films “I’m In Hell” and the short film played the role as Alan in “The Glitch.” Bagging his career made additional 3 movies in 2008, played as Dan in “Over Her Dead Body”, the romantic comedy movie “My Best Frined’s Girl”, and as Tom Willoman in “Lower Learning.” He made short films known as “Kidnapping Caithlyn” played the role Max and played the role Don in “The Third Rule.” He made a comeback film as Phil Campbell in the movie “Grassroots” and the last installment of “ American Reunion Click to look into! >> Read More... ” in 2012.


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