Darren Star English Actor

Darren Star, who is famous for shows like “Beverly Hills”, “Sex and the City, ”, and “90210” is from Potomac, Maryland. This USA filmmaker turned into a star by involving in a series of successful films and TV shows which had the extreme number of followers. His success ride began with the TV show “Melrose Place” and he garnered, even more, triumph through his consecutive popular shows. This star who has a Star in his name has an interesting story behind his victory path to have become a prominent name in Hollywood. Read on to know more about him.

When talking about Star’s early life, his mother was a freelance writer, and his father was an orthodontist. He finished his High school education from Winston Churchill High School and UCLA. The career graph of Darren Star started off when the T.V. series Beverly Hills started to premiere on Fox during 1990. This series marked the entry of Darren Star into the television industry, and he was also appreciated for reviving the TV Empire. 

Star’s knack of handling screenplays related to teenage characters landed him a job in Fox to improvise the already envisioned idea of Beverly Hills. The show of Beverly Hills had the screenplay which had a group of friends who were living in upscale and were traversing to the high school at West Beverly Hills to attend the college at some random California University which was a fictitious one. The buddies' transformation from high school to college and their entry into the adult world was the nutshell of the whole story. Following this series was “Melrose Place” which was a sequel to his another series “90210” and was aired on Fox from July 8, 1992, to May 24, 1999, and it ran successfully for seven consecutive seasons. This show’s story was about the lives of young adults who were living in an apartment named Melrose Place. In the show Darren depicted his own life experience of working for a public relations firm during day and penning down scripts at nights, residing at a West Hollywood apartments. This show had Daphne Zuniga as one of the leads, who was Darren’s former ULCA roommate.

After “Melrose Place”, Darren left Spelling Empire in 1995 to collaborate with “Central Park West” as an executive producer. But to his disappointment, the show failed to excite the viewers. Following this decline in viewership, he started a new series with HBO- Sex and the City. This series was drafted from a book by Candace Bushnell. The plot of the series revolved around four women, who were in their mid-thirties and forties. Star was granted with larger freedom at cable network as both writer and director of Sex and the City. He perfectly used this opportunity as he used more realistic characters than racy dialogues to attract audiences. This story was also developed into a feature film which garnered accolades at Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards for an outstanding comedy script.

Regarding the latest developments, Star declared himself as a gay and his net worth is reported to be 120 million USD.