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Don Granger is a renowned American film producer, best known for his films ‘ Jack Reacher Click to look into! >> Read More... Jack Reacher (2012)’, ‘Death Race (2008)’ and ‘Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation (2015)’. The producer is married to a journalist and news anchor, Lisa McRee and has two beautiful children from their 20-years of marriage.

His next movie is slated to release this year and is the sequel to starrer ‘Jack Reacher’ being called ‘Jack Reacher: Never go Back’. He is also scheduled to produce the next movie in the Mission Impossible series i.e. ‘Mission Impossible 6’. Don Granger started his career as an Executive Producer in 1987 by joining Weintraub Entertainment Group, however, he soon joined Touchstone Pictures in the very next year.

In 1990, he joined Paramount Pictures as an executive VP of production and overseeing till 2001. Later in 2001, when Mark Gordon, co-founder of the production company Mutual Film Company left the organization, Don replaced him and joined Gary Levinsohn in working at the company. Under the aegis of this company, he served as an executive producer in the film ‘Timeline’ (released in 2003) and as a producer in the film ‘Snakes on a Plane’ (released in 2006). Further in 2004, Don went on to join Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner's Cruise/Wagner Productions on the appointed post of a senior executive of development and production.

He went on to produce the movie ‘The Eye’ under this company which was released in 2008 and generated 32 million dollars at the box-office. Quite recently in March 2014, Don Granger joined the Sky dance Productions as the newly created post-EVP Feature Productions. Don Granger has been an active producer since the year 1987 and has worked on creating and producing some masterpiece films with some of the most celebrated artists of the Hollywood industry. His strongest Genre of films has been Thrillers and Action and closest actor being, Tom Cruise.

He has worked with an array of actors including Paula Wagner, Mindy Marin, , Gary Levinsohn, Jake Myers, Dana Goldberg An actor, writer and comic who is a fire on stage. >> Read More... Dana Goldberg , James Bissell, Joe Kraemer Joe Kraemer is a musician who was born in Buffalo >> Read More... Joe Kraemer and of course, Tom Cruise. His highest grossing film has also been with Tom Cruise starring as Ethan Hunt, ‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’ which grossed 80 million dollars at the box-office. The sequel to the series is also being produced by him and is expected to release in the coming year i.e. 2017.