Birthday: 1971

Joe Kraemer is a musician who was born in Buffalo in New York in 1971. He was raised up in Albani New York. He was born in the family of musicians. His father was also a music composer. He started learning music at the very young age. He went to piano classes.

During his high school, he made friendship with a boy older to him, Scott Storm. Scott Storm a very well known filmmaker. He gave Kraemer his first break in the movie. Joe composed the score for the film "chiming hour." He also did acting in the movie; Joe was fifteen then. Storm introduced him to the filmmakers like Christopher McQuarrie and Bryan Singer. Kraemer while attending a music school, Berklee School of music in Boston, decided to compose music for the films. His acquaintance to the filmmaker such as Christopher McQuarrie and Bryan Singer made him directly to work in the movies. He does not have to struggle much to get the work in the film industry. His first work was as the sound editor. Kraemer’s first feature film score was for the movie "The Way of the Gun." This movie was directed by Christopher McQuarrie; he is also an Oscar winner movie maker. The film featured Benicio Del Toro, James Caan, and Ryan Phillippe. The film did not perform well in the box office but was a stepping stone for him. He was noticed by the film industry. Expectations developed for him.

His next projects include music composition for the hit Cinemax series, docudrama Emerald Cowboy (2003), Femme Fatales. Joe's next movie in 2006 "Ten 'til Noon," directed by his childhood friend Scott Storm was a great critical success and won many awards at various film festivals. In 2008 he composed the score for the movie written by J. J. Abrams, "Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead." Kraemer next worked in the Tom Cruise starred movie " Jack Reacher," this action thriller directed by Christopher McQuarrie was the highest grosser the year, earning more than 200 million worldwide. This was considered as the most successful and expensive project of Kraemer till date. His score for the movie was also nominated for the 2012 Hollywood Music in Media Awards. Joe has also worked in the movie "Dawn Patrol" (2014), starring Scott Eastwood. He was also the part of Tom Cruise's "Mission Impossible- the Rogue Nation" in 2015.

Arturo O Farrill English Actor

Arturo O Farrill

Arturo O'Farrill whose full name is Arturo O'Farrill Valero, is a musician. He was born to Lupe Valero who ws a singer, and Chico O'Farrill, a composer and jazz trumpeter, in Mexico City, Mexico, on June 22, 1960. When Arturo turned five, his family migrated to New York. There Chico started to work with the program of CBS named Festival of Lively Arts as a music director. While working there, he became acquainted with jazz and Latin musicians like Stan Getz, Tito Puente, Count Basie, Celia Cruz, and much more. As a result, Arturo became confused about his cultural identity. After the passing of a year Arturo's parents enrolled him in a piano class. Initially he hated going there but eventually warmed up to the instrument so much so that as soon as he became twelve-year-old he resolved to become a musician. However, unlike his father who was a jazz specialist, he would listen to Chick Corea and Bud Powell. He studied music from LaGuardia High School for Music and Art, Manhattan School of Music, Conservatory of Music at Brooklyn College, and Aaron Copland School of Music. He bagged the Distinguished Alumnus Medal from Conservatory of Music at Brooklyn College. After graduating at the age of nineteen, Arturo started to perform at a local bar. During this time, Carla Bley noticed him and offered him a chance to play for her band. He accepted and stayed with the group for three years. Carla taught him to value the art rather than chase money. Due to his talent, he started to get solo work from Lester Bowie, Dizzy Gillespie, Steve Turre, and Howard Johnson. In 1987, he became director of music for Harry Belafonte. After few years, Arturo became interested in Latin and took the help of Andy Gonzalez to record a song. Andy and his brother Jerry decided to make Arturo the part of their band after Larry Willis left them. Later, he started to help his father and became the Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra's lead pianist and director. After his father's death, Arturo formed another band named Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra and released several albums like Una Noche Inolvidable, Song for Chico, and much more. They even performed at several music festivals. Simultaneously, he taught jazz at University of Massachusetts Amherst and the State University of New York at Purchase. Arturo has won several prestigious awards for his stellar work. Arturo is married to Alison Deane, and the couple has two sons named Zachary and Adam O'Farrill. All three of them are instrumentalists.


Brittany Howard

Brittany Howard is a lead singer, songwriter and also a guitarist. She was born as Brittany Amber Howard on 2nd October,1988 in Athens, Alabama (United States). Brittany has a white mother and her father is an African American. She was brought up in a small family house which was in a junkyard. She started playing guitar at the age of thirteen. Her older sister Jamie taught her to write poetry and play the piano. She had a very tragic childhood. Her older sister Jamie died of retinal cancer in 1998. Howard’s father left their home, and she had to deal with her parents’ divorce as well. Her house was burnt down in a fire and she was also dealing with the problem of vision at a very young age. She has synesthesia, and she sees sounds as colors. Brittany went to the East Limestone High School. She met Zac Cockrell (Alabama Shakes bassist) there. Initially, she worked at the United States Postal Service and later became a full-time musician and lead singer of Alabama Shakes. The band ‘Alabama Shakes’ was first started under the name ‘The Shakes’, which consisted of Howard, bassist Zac Cockrell and the drummer Steve Johnson. The trio began playing covers and original songs together. Guitarist Heath Fogg joined the band later and they began singing at bars. In 2012, they released their first album ‘Boys and Girls’, which received critical acclaim and multiple Grammy nominations. It was in April, 2015 that ‘Alabama Shakes’ released their second album, ‘Sound and Color’ which debuted at number one, in billboard 200. The band was successful in performing at numerous late night shows like Saturday Night Live, and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. They also performed at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Along with Mavis Staples, Stephen Colbert, Ben Folds, etc. She was also featured in the music medley. She got an opportunity to sing with Paul McCartney as well. She also got a chance to perform at the ceremony for Eddie Murphy's Mark Twain Prize. She received the Billboard’s Women in Music "Powerhouse" Award, in 2015. People from the Clear Plastic Masks and ATO Records labelmates Fly Golden Eagle are a part of this band. The band was formed in 2012, in Nashville and it performed at CMJ Music Marathon showcase, in 2015. However, this band rarely gives live performances. Apart from the bands ‘Alabama Shakes’ and ‘Thunderbitch’ ,Brittany also sings in the band ‘Bermuda Triangle’ along with two singers - Jesse Lafser and Becca Mancari. The band ‘Bermuda Triangle’ was formed in the year, 2017 in Nashville. ‘Thunderbitch’ band did a five-show in October 2017. Howard’s work was nominated for the Grammy nine times out of which she was successful in winning the award thrice. It was at the 58th annual Grammy awards, in 2015 that Alabama Shakes’ ‘Don’t Wanna Fight’ won two Grammy awards for the best rock performance and the best rock song categories. Their second album ‘Sound and Color’ won Grammy in the best alternative music album category.

Brittany Howard English Actress