Johnny McDaid English Actor

Born to John McDaid and Pauline McDaid, Johnny is one of the six children. He is an Irish musician, songwriter, producer, and a recording artist as well. He completed his schooling from Carnhill and The St. Columb's College. His genres of music are Indie rock, alternative rock, pop, etc. He knows to play guitar, piano and is an expert in vocals. He started being the songwriter and singer of the famous Vega4 band whose You and Others album was a big hit. Life is Beautiful is the single of his album which was showcased in the top 40 in the year 2007 and was also used as a theatrical trailer.

In the year 2009, McDaid signed to Polar Patrol Publishing Company, and he was the first one to do so. He played piano and guitar there and also sang backing vocals. His songs were featured on various shows like Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Pushing Daisies(fictional comedy serial), Defying Gravity, and were used for many HBO network campaigns.

Just not this, even various advertisement campaigns used his songs like The Land Rover, RTE, and Jeep. The feature films like “Into The Blue”, Intimate Sex Drive, and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants(2005 released American drama), also used McDaid’s songs. Slowly and gradually, he earned fame and money and set up his studio Fieldwork Music, in London where he writes, mixes and produces for various artists and songwriters.

His album’s song This is not the End was showcased in a film’s trailer named Edge of Tomorrow which is an American science fiction movie released in the year 2014. The album “The Evolution of Man” was Example’s album whose lyrics were written by Johnny McDaid. The single “Say Nothing” was co-written by McDaid, and it reached number 2 on the official charts of United Kingdom. It became the most loved and sold song and bagged various awards as well.

The people accepted it positively. McDaid began dating actress Courteney Cox(a Heroine, director, and producer in Hollywood) in the year 2013. He is a stylish personality and also has a music related tattoo on his left arm. The couple got engaged on June 26 in the year 2014. McDaid continues singing and has received various awards like BMI Pop Award.