Alex Wurman English Actor

Alex Wurman, a composer, and a filmmaker, with deep knowledge of music, was born in 1966. The knowledge of sound and music has come from generations of Wurman family. Alex’s father was also a composer. He was the first one to use the Moog synthesizer and to work with it. Alex did a great work in the field of music as well in filmmaking with the creation of some outstanding movies and the music which they include. His movie also won an Oscar for the brilliant composition. Born in Chicago, USA, Alex is the son of Hans Wurman, who was himself a composer. His mother was also a Violin teacher and his brother, Felix Wurman, was also into music. Unfortunately, He passed away in 2009. His father, Hans also passed away early in 2001. Hans did great work in the field of music and composition.

Following his father’s footstep, Alex learned about music too. He was into music since his childhood and was a good storyteller also. As a result, he started directing films and became a composer too. Alex did his schooling from Chicago only. He went to different schools and also attended the Chicago's Academy of Performing Arts High School too. From there only the roots of music developed into a blooming flower. Later he went to the University of Miami and learned about composition there. He was also a part of ACM (American Conservatory of Music). After gaining much knowledge and attending different schools, he stepped into the making of his own career in the field of music. Having a deep knowledge and interest in music, Alex was destined to have his career in music.

Though his family members are related to music in some or the other way, he is blessed with the art of composition in which he has made himself a perfectionist. With knowledge of music and filmmaking, he started his career with filmmaking. After completing his graduation, he immediately started with projects on filmmaking. After enough beneficial experience, he received few offers from the directors and within a short span of time was ready to start a career of his own. With his music in the films, it becomes the shine of the diamond. Alex use technology with music to make the perfect composition and the effect of it is remarkable.

Wurman’s creation is loved by all and is unique. His specialty is that he is comfortable in composing all variety of music and never lets anyone down. His own movie creation is also outstanding. March of the Penguins, one of them which received an Oscar Award too. Though it’s a documentary but was loved by all. Temple Grandin(2010) and Run, Fatboy, Run(2007) are some of the movies in which his composition was highly applauded. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004), directed by Adam Mckay Adam McKay is an American actor, producer, writer, >> Read More... Adam Mckay , is also on the top list, for which he composed the music and was well appreciated. Though his movie score kept increasing the number of days, he has created some famous documentaries and has given life to the films with his music.

With a career in the industry of more than two decades, Alex was always rewarded for his work. He received Prime Time Emmy Award for Temple Grandin. Also received The Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival Award for The last lions and he was awarded the Best Music award. Alex did a great work in the field of filmmaking as well as composition. He made some great achievements and also made his name with his talent and hard work throughout all these years.