Director Drew Heriot born in Australia is a known personality due to his unique and inspirational movies including his 2006 movie ‘The secret' which during that time became bestselling movie DVD in ‘The USA’. The movie tells us the secret of gaining everything you ever want in your life. Drew has directed many awards winning films, prime-time television shows and commercial over the span of 20 years of his career. Drew's career started from Australia itself, directing Prime-time shows and many commercials. Drew even directed the pilot episode of documentary Sensing Murder; It was the top most show of that time mostly due to its Sunday night-time slot. After ‘Secret' Drew co-directed ‘Elevate film and music festival. ‘ Drew's latest release is ‘The Power of the Heart’ released in 2014 worldwide.

The movie tells us about the biggest journey ever. That’s the journey from our brain to our heart.

Secret by Drew Heriot

According to me, the viewers don’t get straight away what they want to see. Few viewers find this movie as a tease. So, there are many hate comments found on it. It also states that the universe gives us everything ever wish off. It grants us everything we dream: money, power, glamor. This shows the law of attraction. What you ever think of actually happens. Every negativity in someone's life is due to their negative thoughts, and they could have avoided that negativity by simply being positive. A bit of the movie is the truth, everything lies in the brain like Most of the headaches, We see a mirage. We cannot fulfill everything by just wishing them. Hard work is a must.