Birthday: 07-08-1967
Age: 51
Star sign: Virgo

Tonje Gjevjon is a Norwegian actress and director who found her real-life story being depicted on the celluloid, and that too in Bollywood. It was a film titled ' Dunno Y2... Life Is A Moment' which was a 2015 film. The film was a tri-lingual (Hindi, English, and Norwegian) directed by Tonje Gjevjon and Sanjay Sharma.

The film featured Zeenat Aman, Kapil Sharma, Yuvraaj Parashar, Meera, and Sadia Khan. One is requested not to confuse Kapil Sharma with the one who is a Comedian. Hence, one can add that Kapil Sharma had acted and even written this script, while his brother Sanjay Sharma directed the movie in Hindi version.

The film shows two men getting married. It was the first film in India to showcase two men kissing each other. The film is a love story between Aryan (Kapil Sharma) and Ashley (Yuvraj), two boys. In Part One, Dunno Y Na Jaane Kyun (2010), Aryan and Ashley fell in love, but it had a tragic ending, but Dunno Y2- ( 2015) Life Is a moment has moved on to the celebration. Tonje Gjevjon has always been associated with short films and has been making short films that deal with equal rights of men or women.

For instance, in a film titled “Lesbian Gymnasts in USSR” (Short film ) in the year 2000, Tonje Gjevjon was part of the project. In the year 2007, Tonje Gjevjon was the director for the short film 'The Hungry Hearts Performance' which showed lesbian characters which lead to some humorous twist. She is also known for making a few more short films like 'Talking in Tongues' (2006) and 'Red Dresses' (2006). It was after making numerous short films, she stepped into making a feature film 'Dunno Y2... Life Is A Moment' (2016) which she directed, written, and has even acted too.