Birthday: 25-05-1947
Age: 72
Star sign: Gemini

Jacqueline Ruth “Jacki” Weaver is an Australian artist, known for her work in theatre, films, and television.Jacki was born on 25th May 1947 in the Australian city, Sydney. She is the daughter of Edith and Arthur Weaver, who is a solicitor. She married four times in her lifetime. She was first married to David Price (1966-70). In 1975, she wedded to Max Hensser, and then to Derryn Hinch (1983-96, 1997-98) and Sean Taylor (2003-present). She has just one son, Dylan Walter from her partner, John Walters.

Weaver went to the Hornsby Girls’ High School. She also received a scholarship from a university to study Sociology, but instead of going for further studies, she chose to focus on her acting career.She started working in the entertainment industry in the mid-1960s and is known for her singing and acting skills.In the mid-1960s, she participated in an Australian music show named Bandstand. She also performed at the Palace Theatre, Sydney in 1964 with many other known singers.Weaver started her film journey 1971 onwards.

Her debut movie was ‘Stork’.In 1973, with her performance in Alvin Purple, she came to be recognised as the sex-symbol of that period. Her other movies include ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ (1975), ‘Caddie’ (1976), ‘Squizzy Taylor’ (1982) among others.The period of the1990s and early 2000 was like a dead lock in her career in movies because of lack of opportunities. And this was the time when she started performing in Australian theatre plays, like ‘Last of the Red Hot Lovers’, ‘Death of a Salesman’, ‘Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya’, etc.After years of deadlock, she finally did a movie in 2008 called ‘Three Blind Mice’ and from then onwards, there was no looking back. She has been a part of various projects like ‘The Five Year Engagement’, ‘ Stoker’, ‘Haunt’, ‘Reclaim’ and others.

Besides movies, Jacki has also been a part of many TV shows from the 1960s. Her first TV show was “Wandjina!”(1966). Other shows where she showed her acting talent are ‘Homicide’(1967), ‘The Schoolmistress’(1967), ‘Division 4’, ‘Would You Believe’, ‘The Comedy Games’, ‘The Godfathers’, ‘ Rush’, ‘House Rules’, ‘Blunt Talk’(2015).Weaver won her first award in the category Best Actress in a Leading Role for the movie ‘Stork’ in the year 1971.She has won awards in the following categories as well: Best Actress in a Supporting Role (five times), Best Actress in a Leading Role (two times), and Best International Supporting Actress (once) for her performances in different movies.

Jaala Pickering English Actress

Jaala Pickering

Jaala Pickering is an English actress who has garnered huge popularity through her variety of works. The hazel-eyed beauty has received immense praise and adulation for her works in various television shows and commercials. Her flawless screen presence and acting have always been her asset. Born in Cornwall, which is a remote area in England, she has paved her way by climbing the ladder of success. Her family members are mostly involved in the field of arts. Her father is a reputed and successful musician in England. Pursuing a career in arts was always the primal objective for her. She trained and learnt dancing at a young age, which led to her performing for several companies. She joined a film school at the young age of 19 and honed her acting skills. Her completion of graduation saw her being offered a modelling contract in Australia. For the next one year, she stayed at Sydney and continued her modelling career until she returned to London for other opportunities. She became the TV host for Fashion TV upon coming to England. After the commencement of her film school degree, Jaala was offered a modelling contract in Sydney, Australia where she stayed for a year before returning to London and became the host of Fashion TV shows. Later on, she moved to Los Angeles to fulfil her Hollywood dream. Her hard work and talent quickly caught the eye of many and she landed the lead role in a Warner Bros 3D movie named 'Dam 999'. She played Freddy’s invalid sister in the movie. The movie, Sohan Roy, was based on a critically acclaimed short documentary named “Dams – The Lethal Water Bombs”. Since then, Jaala Pickering has become a well-known English actress for her varied works in many shows and movies. Her filmography includes roles in 'A Brief History of Women' and 'The Humdrummer'. She is also recognised for her talent in modelling and dancing performances. Her dancing especially has bought many compliments towards her. She was part of a live interactive game Resurgam: The Lost Pearl of Plymouth which saw 400 plus games, use modern mobile phone technology to go on an adventure across the town and complete the missions. She played the lead character of Cara Jones in this fusion between the digital world and theatre. The play was directed by Hannah Wood. The Cornish actress has established a fan base through her works in the Halo series and Television drama ‘True Blood”.