Almog Pail is an American actress who has worked in several Hollywood movies and TV series. She started working in the year, 2007 and is active in the industry. In the year 2007 she appeared in the movie Bittersweet. It was directed by Doron Benvenisti and was written by Alma Ganihar. The cast of the film includes Tzufit Grant, Almog Pail, Nathan Ravitz. It has an IMDb rating of 6/10. In the year 2008, she was in the cast of the film The Ran Quadruplets. In 2012 she was a part of a television documentary film Celebrity Ghost Stories in which she played the role of the character Ghost Ella.

Tali Avrahami directed a movie Angeles in White in the year 2012 which was written by R. Steinberger. Almog appeared as Shifra in the movie. The cast of the film includes Liat Azar, Eynat Baranovsky, Moshki Bornstein. In the later years she did several TV series such as The Ghouligans! Mini Series, Mysteries at the Monument, I'd Kill for You, and My Crazy Love. In 2017 she appeared as Faith Daniels in horror movie Devil’s Five. It was written by Timothy David Clark and was directed by George Brianka, Edwin M. Figueroa. The cast of the film includes Ralf Scheepers, Diana Noris, Kevin Cusick. It was released on 22nd October 2017.