Birthday: 11-08-1978
Age: 40
Star sign: Virgo

Being a Japanese actress predominantly, Chigusa Takaku has worked in several Japanese movies and TV dramas. During 2010, she made her presence in Aparna Sen’s Bengali movie The Japanese Wife. She was paired opposite Rahul Bose in the film. Clearness and Summer Wars are the other films that she acted. The movie The Japanese Wife was shot in Kolkata, Sundarbans, and Japan. This is the first time that Aparna Sen made a foreigner as the main leading lady in her film. The film is about a school teacher who gets associated with his Japanese penpal. Chigasu pursued oil painting from the University of Tokyo prior to entering films.

Karen David English Actress

Karen David

Karen Shenaz David is an Indo-Canadian songwriter, actress, and singer. Her dad is a Jewish Indian, and her mom is half Chinese and Khasi. She brought up in Canada, and at age 17, David shifted to London to learn at the Guildford School of Acting. After completing acting school, David joined the first cast of the West End melodic named Mamma Mia!. She debuted as a professional actor in a huge aspect of the ensemble and as an understudy of Lisa and Ali. A. R. Rahman, who had welcome to see the show by the executive Shekhar Kapur, requested that David help him and Don Black in the improvement of the material for the Bollywood-themed musical titled Bombay Dreams. She performed melodies on the show's Canada and US visit and kept working together with Rahman at his AM Studios and Panchathan Record Inn in Chennai. In 2002, she showed up in two short TV recordings, Dancers: The Trailer as Jenny, and The Paper Round as a policewoman. She at that point got the role in the melodic named Bollywood Queen in 2003, as an individual from the R&B band at the center of the story. In 2004 and 2005, she acted as Scarleton MTV in Top Buzzer. David played Lyla, a primary character in the London-based movie Take 3 Girls in 2006. Other work amid this time incorporates The Legend of Dick and Dom as Fairy Frampton, Flight of Fury by Steven Seagal as Barnes' Operational Soldier Flanders and The Color of Magic as Liessa, the Dragonlady. She acted as the female lead namedLayla, in the 2008 film The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior, shot in Cape Town. In September of 2010, David worked as the Spanish instructor, Francesca "Cesca" Montoya, in series six of the show, Waterloo Road on BBC One. While Waterloo Road was all the while broadcasting, David received the role of legend seeker Alexia Alderton in Pixelface, a CBBC kids' comic drama arrangement around six computer games characters and how they perform when they are not within their diversions. The second arrangement broadcast on 3 January of 2012. David worked on American TV with a cameo character on the Fox sitcom Touch in 2012 as Kayla Graham. On the scene, she worked out the melody named "Three Little Birds," which then discharged as a soundtrack single with Lisa and Wendy by Twentieth Century Fox TV Records on 28 February of 2012. In February of 2013, David acted in the two-section scene "Focus" of the ABC TV show titled Castle, in the USA. She played Sara El-Masri, a little girl of Egyptian magnate, Anwar El-Masri. While shooting these scenes, David and a stand-in harmed when the way to the moving van they were in neglected to close legitimately. David was put in a neck prop, while the double managed genuine head injuries. She returned on US TVs, as "Princess Isabella Maria Lucia Elizabetta of Valencia," in the sitcom Galavant on ABC TV, which debuted on 4 January of 2015, for a four-week extravaganza. David discharged her initial song "It's Me (You're Talking To)," when she got into the contract with BMG Music in 2003. This single was a main ten airplay hit in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. She worked together with A. R. Rahman on the principle signature tune for the movie titled Provoked in 2006. In the wake of working close by Rahman to create the soundtrack for this motion picture, she wound up back with him in his Chennai studio, in 2007, to compose and record the melody, "Alive." The next year, David launched her first EP, The Live Sessions. In 2009, she discharged her next EP named Magic Carpet Ride. In May of 2010, David released the single titled "Hypnotize," alongside three blends and a Hypnotize Desi Mix. The following year, she launched the collection named The Girl in the Pink Glasses. The Twentieth Century Fox TV Records discharged "Three Little Birds," as voiced by David, on sitcom Touch, on 28 February of 2012. David discharged the EP Dust to Stars in 2013, on which she worked together with lyricist makers, Martin Brammer, Stefan Skarbek, Adam Argyle, Carl Ryden, and Boots Ottestad. David is actively involved in Breast tumor mindfulness, Designers Against Aids and the SOS Children's Villages Foundation for which she completed a pledge drive form appear at The Dorchester Hotel for London Fashion Week. She created a T-shirt to fund-raise for ActionAid'sPoverTee Day, which unloaded on 18 June of 2010. In December of 2010, David launched a philanthropy Christmas EP named My Christmas List, to fund-raise for the lodging and vagrancy philanthropy Shelter. Alongside others, she painted a self-representation to help raise assets for Face Britain, an undertaking of The Prince's Trust Foundation. In mid-2013, she wedded Carl Ryden, a Swedish music producer, and songwriter in Palos Verdes, California at La Venta Inn.


Nikkitasha Marwaha

Nikkitasha Marwaha is a model and actor. She hails from the State of Virginia. She is Indian by birth. She was the contentment of Dance India Dance season two. She appears in the Indan TV series 24 for the channel Colors in the role of assassin Mehr. She is the actor played in the movie 9 Eleven in the year 2011. She is the winner of Miss India Worldwide in the year 2009. Her film in which she appeared in 2011 is a thriller one. Director is Manan Singh Katohora. The cast is Devasish Ray, TejashNatali, ChinmayDhamne, Jyoti Singh, RoniMazumdar, Vicki Young, Sunny Chatruth, HomiIrani, TanujMathur, Samir Stewart, Paul Singh, NikkitashaMarwaha. Music Direction has done by JatinPandit. Singing has done by none other than KailashKher. This project had signed under the banner of Amar Durga Films, JMD Creations. Sanjay Chel wrote the lyrics for it. JigmeTenjing did the cinematography for this project of Katohora. 9 Eleven is the first feature film from the Bollywood shot in Washington DC. This film has a lot of thrills, suspense, and action. It had released in June 2011. Actor and dancer Kashmira Shah did the item song for the film in India, which will depict as a revival of Kamasutra system. It is like reviving the cultural past. Set has designed to depict the likes of Khajurao type caves depicting the Indian heritage of the Kamasutra, which has looked upon by the western world as most beautiful and cryptic. NavneetaKhemka did the costume designing. Nikkitasha did the English movie in the year 2017. Movie name is Yadvi-The Dignified Princess. The genre of it is drama and thriller. Jyoti Singh did the direction of this venture. The screenplay is the part of expertise of Gauri Singh. It is in the English Language. Casts are Jyoti Singh, Chandrachur Singh, VibhuRaghave, Marianne Borgo, Siraj Huda, YadviHanda, KuvamHanda, Adi Singh Jalalpur, Rahul Godara, and ReshmaD'souza. In this Borgo played the role of Governess, Siraj as KaroraSahab, Reshma played Nurse Role, Yadvi as Yadvi, Kuvam as Kuvam, Adi as Prince Yadvinder 1, and Rahul as YadavGovind Singh. Yadvi is the story of the 20th century of Patiala Princess, who maintains her dignity and pride. Another one like Chndrachur did the role of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh.

Nikkitasha Marwaha English Actress