Kate Winslet Suggests Leonardo To Get Married!

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

Kate Winslet Suggests Leonardo To Get Married!

Kate Winslet From television appearances to Hollywood’s film cr >> Read More... is not only the co-star of the Oscar hero Leonardo DiCaprio He’s one of the most searched icons in the web for >> Read More... but a good friend of him.

The duo looked stunningly good in their first movie, "Titanic”.

It is said that Kate is euphoric on the award received by her friend Leonardo.

She was almost in tears when his name was announced as the Best actor. 

Now, she wants him to get married and start a family life. 

A source said that Kate always tells him that if he experiences the fatherhood, he will be madly in love with the role, ever.

She wants her friend to settle in his life, by accomplishing his next dream.

DiCaprio won his first ever Oscars in the 88th year and is happily enjoying it.