Will the overweening Mark be able to cover all his debts PLOT Mark is cocksure about winning the gambling and unfortunately ends with a huge amount of debt

The Gambler Movie Review

The Gambler Movie Review English
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " The Gambler"
Runtime: 1 Hour 51 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 25-12-2014
Genre: Drama, Suspense
3.5 / 5.0



Will the overweening Mark be able to cover all his debts?

PLOT: Mark is cocksure about winning the gambling, and unfortunately, ends with a huge amount of debt with Alvin and Williams. Alvin warns him to pay off his debts before seven days. On failing to do so, Alvin will kill him. In order to settle them both, Mark lends money from John. They kidnap Mark's student, Brie, and threaten him to pay off their debts. How he uses the money that he borrowed from John, and how he settles everyone?

ANALYSIS: Rupert Wyatt's direction is not particularly bodacious. It is normal. Surprisingly, he is proficient with his camera as he is having previous experience in the field of cinematography. The way he presents the Los Angeles on the screen is a niche. He plays beautifully with the lights and shadows and endows us with beautiful silhouettes on the screen.

STAR PERFORMANCES: The acting of all the characters was mediocre. Wahlberg's performance as an over-confident man at first few scenes, and as a helpless man in the latter part of the movie was brilliant. Goodman, Williams, and Lange are distinctive in supporting roles. Lange's performance deserves a special mention as it was appealing with the right amount of bitterness. Larson did not have much of the screen presence.

WHAT'S THERE? William Monahan's screenplay holds the movie up. Dialogues were picture perfect. They were in good proportion. The music by Jon Brion and Theo Green adds more effect to the scenes and make the movie more engaging.

WHAT'S NOT THERE? All the characters look disenchanted. They were alienated from the script. Eventually, the story failed to be engaging. The protagonist's character is not so promising, and the clarity is missing. He lacks the appeal that make us not to bother much about his fate since he determines himself with a bad policy.

VERDICT: A better payoff by the self-boasting protagonist.