She’s the first girl character to be reckoned with in the franchise movie “Harry Potter.” She’s known to be “Hermione,” a “mind-hungry-muggle-born-Gryffindor” student hallowed out from J.K. Rowling’s attitude-behavior when as she exploits the meaning of each character in her life she was young. In real-life, Hermione was magnificently portrayed by none other than Emma Watson.

Born as Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson from Paris, France on April 15, 1990. She attended Dragon School, and made an early decision that she wanted to become a well-known actress.  She first studied skills in acting and other parts of theatres arts from “Stagecoach Theatre Arts” in Oxford. She diversely joined stage performances at the age of ten and took GCSE for completion of her studies. She’s one of the thousand who auditioned for the role and successfully getting it.

As start, she made her breakthrough in the “Harry Potter” series and finished the story up until the end. In the first installment “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,” she went out as an annoying over-grabbing attention and a “walking encyclopedia” by bringing up charms easily and splendidly, the only thing that she didn’t master according to her “barbaric” is the “Wizard’s Chess”. 

In its second installment “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” the “walking encyclopedia” still hardly attached to her as one of her greatest gifts. As the series continuously was exploited one by one, she was known to be the best-friend of Harry aside from Ron. She was ever considered to bring out most of the charms and different exploitations that the writer could not easily explain. 

She’s also one of the voice-talent in the animated movie “The Tale of Despereaux” and worked as Pauline Fossil in the television film “Ballet Shoes.” She also worked with Logan Lerman Who said that he’s just a beginner? He started and >> Read More... in the teenage-film “ The Perks of Being a Wallflower Click to look into! >> Read More... .” This is a story of a young boy who wants to be a writer, but as they know, their camaraderie as friends, they are neglected, ignored and no one understands them. Being invisible is their task that they want to defy.

In 2013, she appeared in a satirical film based on true events, as group friends who vandalized, invaded and trespassed in the mansions of well-known celebrities in the movie “ The Bling Ring Click to look into! >> Read More... .” She also worked alongside Russell Crowe “Are you not entertained?” This is his notorious B >> Read More... in the Biblical-film adaptation “ Noah Click to look into! >> Read More... .” As one of the daughter in law - Ila, she made great confrontation with Noah as he fulfills the prophecy and Ila will not ever give away her twins. In these movies that she gained popularity, she made a great deal of perseverance and got “star” in the “Walk of Fame” that she shared alongside Daniel Radcliff and Rupert Grint Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint is an English artist >> Read More... .

Uma Thurman English Actress

Uma Thurman

She was known as “My Super Ex-Girlfriend.” Uma Thurman got his limelight for her “Kill Bill” volumes. Uma Thurman was a notable actress and model of her time.Born as Uma Karuna Thurman from Massachusetts - U.S. from April 29, 1970. She had siblings named Ganden, Dechen, Mipam and Taya. She had 3 children. She started her modeling career at the age of 15 with Click Models Agency. She also worked for Glamour and Vogue – Britain. Her first debut was a 1987 film entitled “Kiss Daddy Goodnight.” This was followed by 3 movies in 1988 entitled “Johnny Be Good” with Robert Downey Jr., followed by “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen” as Venus/Rose, and “Dangerous Liaisons” with Glenn Close and John Malkovich. She also appeared in the 1990 movies “Where the Heart Is” as Daphne and “Henry & June” as June. She appeared in an adventure film “Robin Hood” as Maid Marian, she made additional movies in 1992 entitled “Final Analysis” and a mystery film with Andy Garcia “Jennifer 8” where she won “Cognac Festival du Film Policier.” She was also nominated numerous times from different award giving bodies for the Movie “Pulp Fiction” in 1995. In 2001, she won Best Actress from Gotham Awards. She won Best Actress for Miniseries for “Hysterical Blindness” in 2003. These awards were followed in2004 for Best Actress for “Kill Bill Vol.1” from Saturn, Empire, International Cinephile and MTV Movie Awards. In 2005 she won Best Ensemble Cast for her “Kill Bill Vol.2.” In 2014 she won a Bambi Award as Best International Actress.She made appearance also for the movie “Percy Jackson – Lightning Thief” as Medusa in 2010. She also co-starred with Ben Affleck for the 2003 movie “Paycheck.” She also worked with George Clooney for the 1997 film “Batman & Robin”, followed by 1997 movie “Gattaca.” She also appeared in the all-time favorite “Les Miserables” and adventure-action movie “The Avengers” with Sean Connery and Ralph Fiennes.


Demi Moore

From utmost paid actress to social rights activist, At the age of 52, she hasn’t aged a lot and considered still to be one of the “Sexiest Woman of All Time.” “Don’t be surprised if I’m back here 10 years to buy this place…” This is one of her most remarkable cliché scripts in one of her movies. Born as Demi Guynes on November 11th 1962 from New Mexico – U.S. She later on used her screen name “Demi Moore” after her marriage and divorce with her husband Freddy Moore.She made her brake in the movie “Blame it on Rio” as the daughter of Michael Caine. She appeared in another film as Corri in the 1981 movie “St. Elmo’s Fire” showcasing a story of group of friends in love. She made her biggest breakthrough in the blockbuster movie “Ghost” in 1990. Alongside Patrick Swayze he played the role Sam as boyfriend of Moore. After watching a film, while walking in the alley with Molly (Moor) they got into trouble with a robber, and Sam got shot. Sam made unfinished business-became ghost and found out that the cause of everything was brought to him by his best friend. Alongside Whoopi Goldberg as Oda Mae Brown - a “spirit medium,” Oda stands between Sam and Molly and became their bridge between living and dead. She made another breathtaking performance in the movie “A Few Good Men” with profiles Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Kiefer Sutherland, J.T. Walsh and Kevin Bacon. This is a story of two naval lawyers that defended the truth of what really happened with Pvt. Santiago. The story evolve when they gave the case to Lt. Kaffee(Cruise) instead to Lt. Cmdr. Galloway (Demi Moore). Alongside Robert Redford, Moore made another hit called “Indecent Proposal” in 1993. “It’s just my body, it is not my mind, and it is not my heart…” this could be a mile-leap for her as she made this cliché script. It’s a story of David (Woody Harrelson) and Dian Murphy (Moore) that met a billionaire John Cage (Redford) in the casino. It started with the role of a dice and made it through. Redford offered the couple a million dollars for Dian to get a one night stay at her yacht – one of a kind story and nothing compared to “Fifty - Shades of Grey.”These were followed by her movie “The Juror” in 1995. As Annie laird (Moore) got entangled with a murder as one of the jurors and made close encounter with Mark Cordell (Alec Baldwin) – the actual criminal in the murder.  In the following year, she made a blockbuster hit and became “sex-symbol” in the comedy-life changing movie “Striptease” in 1996. A story of mother without a job fighting for the custody of her only child. She doesn’t want to give her daughter to thief-criminal husband. For being desperate she fell in to job in the “Eager Beaver” as a pole dancer. She made a big statement when she shaved her hair personally in the movie “G.I. Jane.” She also made a great voice talent for the Disney’s “Hunchback of Notre Dame II” as Esmeralda. She made another hit with “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.” As the former angel Jimmie Bosley (Moore) turned rogue-villain. Through the years, she made numerous movies including “Mr. Brooks” in 2007, as Kate Jones in the movie “The Joneses” in 2010, as Sarah Robertson in “Margin Call”, as Patty in the movie “Another Happy Day”, as Anne in the movie “LOL”, as Kate in the movie “Very Good Girls” in 2014and “Wild Oats” in 2015.

Demi Moore English Actress