Born on January 11th, 1985 Aja Naomi King is an American actress who got famous with the TV series, “How to Get Away with the Murder” and starred in the character Michaela Pratt. Aja Naomi is from LA, California and completed Bachelors in Fine Arts from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Masters from Yale University in 2010. While her presence at Yale, Aja Naomi King participated in the production department for the plays such as “A Midsummer Night's Dream,” “Little Shop of Horrors” etc. In the three years of time span,

Naomi starred in many short films and guest appearances on the series, “Blue Blood,” “The Blacklist” and, “Deadbeat.” In 2011, King made her first debut film “ Damsels in Distress”. For another movie, “ Four” she won the Best Performance of the Cast at Los Angeles Film Festival. Aja Naomi’s father always supported her to find her passion and work on it.

She always wanted to become a doctor since her high school. But slowly Naomi King realized that she loved Arts and it is the career she wants to work on forever. Though she was terrified how secured her career could be, but risked everything and followed her dreams. In 2014, she got a breakthrough when Naomi King became one of the lead cast members of the popular TV show; “How to Get Away with the Murder” directed by “Greys Anotomy” creator Shonda Rhimes. This show first aired in 2014 with fourteen million viewers and still continuing with her recurring presence. In 2015, Aja Naomi King had her first single leading role in the movie “Reversion” which is a science fiction thriller. Later she appeared in the picture “The Birth of a Nation” which premiered SunDance Film Festival in 2016. This film had received so many good reviews and Naomi been recognized as a talented actor.

Though Aja Naomi King did not nominate for the Academy Awards, she got shortlisted for the Award for the Best Supporting Actress. Her latest film is going to be released in 2017 which is a remake of the French picture “ The Intouchables” starring Kevin Hart and Nicole Kidman in other leading roles. Aja Naomi King till the date acted in ten movies and many short films.

Her character in the movie “The Birth of the Nation” nominated to the Female Outstanding Breakthrough Performance for the “Black Reel Award” and also for Best Supporting Actress for NAACP Image award. Naomi’s favorite color is blue and loves to spend time in Spain and Amsterdam.

Vanessa Haywood English Actress

Vanessa Haywood

No one can forget Vanessa's first big blockbuster, District 9 (a film produced by Peter Jackson , directed by Neill Blomkamp) which was a new milestone in her life. It Ranked no.1 for many weeks in South Africa, United states, Russia and the United Kingdom. Vanessa plays one of the lead roles as Tania, wife of Wikus (Sharlto Copley). The success of District 9 is so huge that it even made its way to the Oscars as it got nominated in various categories like adapted screenplay, visual effects, film editing and also in the glorious category of the best motion picture of the year 2010 Vanessa’s acting career started at the age of 4. Vanessa began her journey as a model and then proceeded to acting in films and television. Vanessa also made an impressive appearance in a few documentaries as well as television programs. Vanessa spent her childhood in South Africa on a farm in Mpumalanga playing in muds and enjoying in wheat fields. When her family shifted to the city of Pietersburg, her mother made her enter beauty contests in order to help Vanessa gain some self-confidence as she was rather timid and shy as a little girl. Owing to that boost and encouragement in her childhood, Vanessa completed modeling courses and went ahead to win the title Miss Spring. She also won the titles of Miss Bushveld and Miss Tropica, following which, she became Miss Valentine and Miss Cameo and never look back from then on. Vanessa's chose to pursue her degree in chiropractic medicine in Durban, but destiny aimed for something else and due to some inhumanly activity in college, she went on to study business management and marketing, which she successfully completed in the year 2001. Vanessa was a Miss South Africa finalist in 2000. She got many offers after that, and her journey in the glamour world began.. In 2005, her journey as a fitness athlete took off to a good start. Vanessa secured the 4th position in internationally acclaimed Miss Fitness which was her first competition. Vanessa appeared in both ‘Muscle Evolution’ and ‘Fitness’ magazines. Vanessa posed for the cover of Fitness magazine twice, which is a great achievement in itself. Winning Shape Cover Look of the Year 2007, got her an opportunity at the ‘Shape’ magazine cover page and this was just the beginning Vanessa got ample of offers and opportunities then on. Viewing her entire journey as a model, she has many achievements. She became a cover model for ‘Prima’ in 2006, ‘Shape’ in 2007, ‘Women and Home’ and ‘Tina’ in 2008 and ‘Runner’s World’ in 2009. Vanessa from her childhood performed as an actress and dancer on variours platforms, this hobby of her’s made her go ahead in the field of Drama as she had a great attachment for the stage and film since childhood. Vanessa's journey in television is older than the films. In 2000 she was the contestant in the show ‘Savages’. She held her responsibility as anchor and presenter on Agri-TV in 2006. Vanessa’s film journey started with Hey Boy (2003) where she played Mourner. Then, in 2006 she got a role in Blood Diamond where she played a diplomat's wife. Ultimately, the year 2009 proved to be a milestone for her journey due to the release of ‘District 9’ in which she was in the lead role of Tania Van De Merwe and also the release of ‘End Game’ I which she had a role of presenter.


Karla Souza

Born on 11th December 1985, the gorgeous Karla Souza is a Mexican-American actress, best known for her beloved character Laurel Castillo, on the legal drama show ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder; a TV show about 5 students and their crime-defence professor’s attempt to get out of a murder conviction. Herhard work and consequent rise to fame and fortune has helped her gain many passionate followers over the years. Her work in the business is revered by its members worldwide. Karla Olivares Souza was born in Mexico City, Mexico. However, she did not grow up there. As a child, she lived in Aspen, Colorado until she about the age of eight with her Chilean father and Mexican mother. She has a lesser known twin brother by the name of Jerónimo and a sister named Monica. Karla always had a flair foracting. She had all the making of a child prodigy, and since day one her parents knew she would make a name for herself in the film industry. Seeing her zealous fervour for acting, her parents enrolled her in the famous Centro de Educación Artístic-an acting school run by Hispanic mass media giants- Televisa. Here her acting skills blossomed. Citing her inspiration as being the Oscar winner Marion Cotillard, she was determined to follow in her footsteps. She would thus end up attending an acting school in the South of France for four years. Here she dipped her toes into many different aspects of stage performance. She studied dancing, singing,drama, theatre, and of course, acting. Later, upon completing an intensive summer programme in Moscow in 2008, Karla went on to achieve her Bachelor of Arts in Acting from the famous Central School of Speech and Drama, located in London. However, that decision wasn’t an easy one. Prior to her admission in the school, she’d been given her first acting offer- she was chosen to take part in the French reality TV show-Star Academy. Nevertheless, the opportunity to join one of the topmost acting schools in London proved to be an offer she couldn’t refuse… That decision later proved to be a smart choice since she was presided by the CCP Award by the school;an award given to the most talented and promising actress in London. By the young of just 22, Karlawas back in her hometown in Mexico City and had begun building her acting empire. Her hard work finally paid off. It was in the year 2009 that she received her first breakthrough.She made her on-screen debut starring in the Mexican telenovela Verano de Amor. She would later state that this experience was crucial for her as she got to learn a lot from her co-star,the famous Latino singer Dulce Maria. This was only the beginning, and the embers of her career were yet to ignite. From here onwards her acting career took off. She went on to star in Mexican sitcoms such as Los Héroes del Norte and La Clinica. She even managed to bridge the gap between being a soap opera actress, to making it into the film industry. Her first film role was that of Ana Luisa; a prominent character in the comedy flick. She then became a main-stay in movies, starring in films such as From Prada to Nada, Me Late Chocolate and Suave Patria,to name a few.In fact, her film Nosotroslos Nobleswas the highest grossing movie in Mexican-cinema history, as confirmed by NPR, CNN as well as Hollywood Reporter. Her captivating performance as lead in that movie was acclaimed by the entire film community and she received highly positive reviews from fans and critics alike. But that’s not it! Her film Instructions Not Included(which also released in the same year) was the highest-grossing Spanish-language production to open in US history. Her upcoming project Everybody Loves Somebody opens in theatres this February. But Karla doesn’t only shine in the spotlight. She is quite an overachiever outside the film sets as well! She can proudly call herself a trilingual, being fluent in English, French and Spanish.She started dating Marshall Trenkmann in 2012. By December of 2013, the two love birds were already engaged, and eventually married in May 2014.When asked, Karla said that they weren’t looking to bring in a child as yet. She currently plays a very vital role in the hit drama series How to Get Away with Murder where her meteoric rise to fame has reached new heights, gaining her new audiences every day, and is nowhere close to being done with acting. She still has the same child-like enthusiasm for acting as she did when she had started off.

Karla Souza English Actress