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Dana Plato English Actress
  • DOB : 07-11-1964
  • Date of death: 08-05-1999
  • Star Sign : Scorpio

Dana Michelle Plato was born on 7th November, 1964, in the Maywood City of California, USA. She is the daughter of Linda Strain, who gave birth to her when she was a teenager. Dana was adopted by Florine Kay Plato and Dean Plato, who were the owners of a truck company. She was raised by them in San Fernando Valley. Dana got married to her long-term boyfriend, Lanny Lambert, on 24th April, 1984, while she was pregnant. Lanny was a rock guitarist. They were in a live-in relationship since December 1983. The couple gave birth to Tyler Edward on 2nd July, 1984. The couple got separated in 1990.

Dana began acting when she was just seven years old. She was a part of almost a hundred TV commercials before she did her first TV show, The Six Million Dollar Man, in 1975. She was casted in the episode titled, The Bionic Women. Her second appearance on TV was in the TV film, Beyond the Bermuda Triangle, in 1975, in which she played the character of Wendy. She is famously known for her performance in the ABC production, titled Diff’rent Strokes, from 1978-1985. The show was about the misadventures in the lives of a wealthy family from Manhattan, who adopted three children from their Afro-American friends. The show starred Conrad, Todd, Dana, and Gary in the lead. Dana played the role of Kimberly Drummond in 140 episodes. She had to leave the show in 1984 due to her pregnancy.

Dana’s first movie was Exorcist 2: The Heretic, in 1977. She played the role of Sandra Phalor, but unfortunately wasn’t given any credits for her role. She played the lead in the movie, Return to Boggy Creek, in 1977, by Tom Moore. She played the role of Evie Joe, who was Dawn Wells Born on October 18, 1938, Dawn Elberta Wells was a >> Read More... ’ daughter. Dana also gave her voice for Night Trap, a video game, in 1992. She was the voice of the character, Kelly Medd.

She was involved in a number of legal issues, including an armed robbery of a bank in 1991. She was also arrested in 1992 for being under the influence of drugs. She also got breast implants. Dana was a well-accomplished American skater, who had the aim to compete in the Olympics.

On 7th May, 1999, Dana was found dead in her mother’s Winnebago home, because of a drug overdose. The investigators concluded that her death was a suicide.