Top 10 Celebrities: Good Girls Gone Bad

Top 10 Celebrities: Good Girls Gone Bad English Article

There are some celebrity girls who have still not shown us their bad side. However, many have. Here are the top 10 celebrity girls who went from being a good girl to bad.


When she was 6-years-old, she performed in a movie called ‘E.T.’ where she stole the hearts of every person who watched the movie. But, when a child turns into a mature person, things change. Before she could become a teen, she was already into alcohol and drugs. After many years of rehab, Drew is back to being a good girl.


2. Jaimee Foxworth Born in Chicago, USA, Jaimee Foxworth is an Americ >> Read More... Jaimee Foxworth

Jaimee was a cast member of ‘Family Matters’ which was a hit show. She worked on that show when she was young. After several years, her spotlight was stolen and she found herself unemployed. She realised that she was the earning member in her family, so she turned towards pornography where she was known as ‘ Crave Click to look into! >> Read More... Crave ’.


3. Jodie Sweetin Jodie Sweetin is an American actress as well as a >> Read More... Jodie Sweetin


Jodie was part of one of the famous shows of all time, ‘ Full House Full House is a comedy tv serial. It was very popu >> Read More... Full House ’ and she played the character of Stephanie Tanner. Everyone expected her to grow up like the sweet and cute child that she was in the show, but later she confessed about the drugs and alcohol. Also, she had a meth addiction. Now, she is back to being a normal person, and is also back to the return of ‘Full House’, which is now called ‘Fuller House.’

4. Amanda Bynes Born on April 3, 1986, as youngest of the three ch >> Read More... Amanda Bynes


As a child actor, she was adored by many, but as she grew up she had many turns in life. This child actor has been in and out of many courts, has drug charges and DUI charges. Some reports say that she is suffering from a mental health problem.


5. Taylor Momsen The ace singer, lyrist, actress, and model Taylor >> Read More... Taylor Momsen

As a kid, she stole the spotlight because of her chubby cheeks and sweet voice. She performed in the movie, ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” She then continued to act in movies in her teen and then became part of the famous band, ‘The Pretty Reckless.’ She took the part reckless very seriously, and would flash and cover her nipples while performing on stage. Also, she would show writing on her body during music videos.


6. Christina Aguilera On 18th December 1980, Christina Aguilera was born >> Read More... Christina Aguilera


The popular Christina Aguilera was first known because of her hit song, ‘Genie In a Bottle’, and also because of, ‘The All-New Mickey Mouse Club.’ After some years, she released a video for her song ‘Dirrty’. She showed a lot of sexual images for just one single song. Today, Christina is clean and dirty, depending on what she wants to be.


7. Dana Plato Dana Michelle Plato was born on 7th November, 1964 >> Read More... Dana Plato

All the child actors from ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ ended up becoming troublesome adults. Dana is one of them as she admitted to drugs and robbery. She was very much into drugs when she was acting as a teen. Things started getting bad as she was kicked out of a show, because she became pregnant. She even robbed a video store. She then became a porn star and later, committed suicide at the age of 34, because of over consumption of drugs.

8. Britney Spears Britney Jean Spears or Britney Spears is an Americ >> Read More... Britney Spears

A very well known pop star is Britney Spears, who in the beginning of her career was a role model for many young teen girls. But after her break with , her life turned upside down. She had a 55-hour marriage, she attacked the paparazzi’s more, she shaved her head, had erratic behaviour, and the list goes on. Her reputation fell terribly, but as of now, she is back to being normal with a successful career.

9. Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus is a popular name amongst youngsters. >> Read More... Miley Cyrus

Disney Channel's most loved character, Hannah Montana Hannah Montana is an American Musical Comedy TV sh >> Read More... Hannah Montana , also known as Miley Cyrus, turned bad after the series of ‘Hannah Montana’ was over. She was looked upon by many young girls. After her engagement broke off, her life changed. She started smoking weed, doing drugs, partying, and twerking on absolutely anything and everything.

10. Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Dee Lohan is a multitalented American. Act >> Read More... Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan pulled off playing twins in the movie ‘Parent Trap’ when she was a child artist. In her teen years, she also acted in many movies, one of them being ‘Mean Girls.’ She also developed a career in music. But after some years, this teen turned into a rebel. She visited rehabs due to her addiction and had strange behaviours.