Top 10 Child Stars Who Became Broken Adults

Top 10 Child Stars Who Became Broken Adults English Article


He first topped the charts with his brothers in the Jackson 5 when he was not more than 11 years old. His phasing into adulthood brought him more fame along with eccentricities and earned him the reputation of “Wacko Jacko”. Then in 1993 he was charged with child sexual abuses following insights into his troubled childhood. Add to this the fact that he altered himself entirely through rigorous plastic surgeries which turned out to be hideous. It is very apparent to anyone with a brain in their skull that despite being tremendously affluent and famous, he was not a happy man.

2. Britney Spears Britney Jean Spears or Britney Spears is an Americ >> Read More... Britney Spears


Spears started out pretty well on “The New Mickey Mouse Club” ahead of her initiation into pop prominence with the 1998 liberation of her presentation album “…Baby One More Time.” However, the rising star had a grave collapse before the media that followed her, in 2007. Britney lost guardianship of her kids to her ex-companion, Kevin Federline Kevin Federline was born Kevin Earl Federline on t >> Read More... Kevin Federline , after police calling to her house and her refusal to hand over her children. Considered her publicity stunt she, with an umbrella, attacked a photographer’s car and went bald. Later, she was reluctantly dedicated to a mental quarter.

3. Dana Plato Dana Michelle Plato was born on 7th November, 1964 >> Read More... Dana Plato


Dana Plato’s story has been one of the most tragic pitfalls. After starring in Diff’rent Strokes alongside Gary Coleman Gary Coleman was an American voice artist, actor, >> Read More... Gary Coleman as chirpy Kimberley what followed her childhood was alcoholism, drug addiction and her failure to cope with her typecast career in adulthood which ultimately lead her to appear in numerous pornographic movies. That’s not even where it ends; she looted a convenience hoard at gunpoint, just for a few hundred dollars and spent the last few days of her short life in a trailer park.

4. 'Macaulay Culkin'


Remember the sweet little kid from “Home Alone” and “ Richie Rich American Sitcoms are famous for their interesting >> Read More... Richie Rich ”. Yes, folks even our dear little Kevin hasn’t been spared from this horrific feat. In fact, the pale-skinned star kid has been drowned in drugs and was arrested for possession of authentic illegal and prescription drugs in 2004. He was consequently charged and locked up briefly.

5. Todd Bridges Todd Anthony Bridges is an American actor. He is r >> Read More... Todd Bridges

Another famous “Diff’rent Strokes” child artist was Todd. Something seems to have gone wrong with that cursed show; Todd went downhill following his childhood stint. Todd embarked on his notorious journey to crack cocaine and in his pursuit infamously shot one Los Angeles drug dealer. Later on, he is said to have stabbed a man with a kitchen knife in the chest emerging over a dispute regarding some samurai sword. Todd now probably realizes his mistakes and tours schools preaching about the effects of drugs and alcohol.

6. Brad Renfro Brad Renfro was an American musician and actor. He >> Read More... Brad Renfro


Renfro’s life is read as a precautionary tale against drugs. The life story of a child artist spoiled by fame. That culminated in arrests and finally the artist’s early death in 2005, at the young age of 25 from heroin overdo. The star of successful films such as ‘ Bully Click to look into! >> Read More... Bully ’ and Apt Pupil, Renfro exhausted most of his adult life terribly obsessed with diverse substances, culminating in the attempted robbery of a 45-foot vessel in 2000. He is the personification of the fallen child star.

7. Dustin Diamond Dustin Diamond is a director, musician, comedian, >> Read More... Dustin Diamond


Dustin played the delightful nerd Screech for the nineties classic comedy show “Saved by the Bells” with his curly hair and geeky face. However, it turns out his adulthood brought out in him creepy womanizing ways. Even his fellow artists cringed at the thought of working with him. Watch him carry out the 'dirty Sanchez' on an innocent female collaborator - in the faded tones of handheld videotape - and it's miserably noticeable that the amiable boy we knew and cherished is something ominous in today’s date.

8. Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Dee Lohan is a multitalented American. Act >> Read More... Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay was a ‘bona fido’ child starlet starring in various commercials and appearing in series such as “Another World.” She struck deals with massive launchers such as Disney for the remaking of “The Parent Trap” and trampled smoothly over her teens playing high school safe roles. But this popping star had nasty plans ahead. Lohan in her early twenties has been detained numerous times for drugs, drinking and driving associated offenses and over and over again appears on glossy journal pages looking like a ravenous cherry donkey with a meth-face.

9. 'Gary Coleman'


Where to even initiate with the little Diff'rent Strokes celebrity, Gary? Subsequent to spending his youth portraying Arnold Jackson in the typical show, Gary climbed even majestic heights. One might think of Broadway or Hollywood. No, that wasn’t the exact scenario. At a California mall, he took a job of a security guard, in which he screwed up thrusting a blow on a woman’s face for mocking his unfortunate destiny. On top of that, Coleman was also detained numerous times for 'domestic disputes' and even ran over some poor guy after a row at a bowling alley. Sorrowfully Gary is no more with us, but in our minds it'll be the reminiscence of his endearing portrayal of Arnold that will remain alive forever in this planet.

10. Mackenzie Phillips Laura Mackenzie Phillips was born on 10th November >> Read More... Mackenzie Phillips

Phillips, the daughter of John from the show ‘The Mamas And The Papas’, was doing so much of cocaine that she became skinny and had rotten teeth through the sixth season of the legendary show that made her renowned - the 1970s hit “One Day At A Time”. The other setbacks for the popping child artist were the alleged incestuous relationship with her father, her refusal to rehab which resulted into her firing from the production.