Lewis is an actress from America. She is quite famous for the portrayal of the character Audrey Penny who is Ellen’s annoying friend in Ellen DeGeneres’ sitcom ‘Ellen’. She began her acting in 1991, when she first appeared as a guest in the comedy ‘Doogie Howser, M.D.’ She started her movie career from 1992. She featured in a small role on Comedy Hero. She signed her first regular television role during that same year, for the comic movie Flying Blind.

Lewis portrayed the character Megan who was an eccentric roommate of the female lead Alicia, and she worked until the series was canceled after one season. Lewis’s most popular role is of Audrey Penny in the show Ellen. She played an irritating friend of the bookstore owner Ellen Morgan. She shared a love- hate relationship with Ellen Morgan. Initially she used to irritate her in a nice way. She later became positive. Her catchphrase ‘Hello Ellen’ was very popular in the audiences and ran throughout the series of four years.

She also featured in another regular television show called ‘P.I’; it’s a short- lived comedy of Andy Barker. She portrayed the role of a wife of the titled character, Andy. The show aired only for 6 episodes before being cancelled. Her movie career was also fine, she appeared in many movies like Perfect Stranger, The Office Party , Scotch And Milk and The Rich Man’s Wife. Acting is not the only talent she carries, she is a good voice-over artist as well. She is known for her voice-over work with her nasal quirky voice.

She has voice-overed for many animation flicks. She voiced Nicky Little for the Disney show called Pepper Ann. She was the best friend of the main character. She also voiced some minor characters in the movie ‘Ice Age: The Meltdown’. She has worked as a stage artist as well, working in the 2005 play Absurd Person in Broadway and others. She graduated in 1987 from Brown University. She recorded an audio book for Princess Dairies.

Her husband’s name is Peter Ackerman, whom she married in 2000. They are blessed with a son named Stanley Keats Ackerman, who was born in February 2002. She is a multi-talented and responsible lady, who is dealing with her professional and personal life well.

Clea DuVall English Actress

Clea DuVall

Clea is an American actress, a writer, a director and a producer as well. Clea is most famous for her portrayal of Sofie on HBO TV series ‘Carnival’. She also got fame from the movies like ‘The Faculty’ in 1998, ‘But I’m A Cheerleader’ in 1999, ‘Girl, Interrupted’, and ‘The Grudge’. Clea is the daughter of actors Steph DuVall and Rosemary Hatch. Her teenage year presented her with many challenges and difficulties. When she was 12, her parents divorced. When her mother remarried, she moved out because she was not feeling good about the reconstituted family, and she dropped out of high school. She was alone and to sought for some entertainment, she started watching movies and TV series. One day she decided that she wants to become an actor, and so she restarted her high school. This time she returned to Los Angeles high school of Art. As she was living alone, she hardly paid attention to the studies and as a result she flunked. But apart from that, she has talent, will power and bravery. She is very committed to her work. Soon after her graduation, the roles began to come in, and she got many opportunities. First, she got a chance in television programs with a guest appearance and small roles in small films. Soon, her major role came in Robert Rodriguez’s successful The Faculty (1998). This film featured many up and coming young actors and gave them a chance to enhance their skills such as Elijah Wood and Josh Hartnett. This movie also has strong and established actors. Clea played a stokely, bizarre, tough goth girl. This role was typical of Clea DuVall as she is a strong woman in real life too since she has experienced so many things since childhood. She got a similar role for the movie ‘But I’m a Cheerleader Gilr’, where she portrayed the character of a tattooed lesbian girl. She featured as a mental patient in Girl, Interrupted in 1999. DuVall is a soft spoken girl, a complex person but yet so talent, tough and independent. And because of her nature, she freely and easily lends to this complexity to her characters, making her a popular choice for the cast. Clea is a great performer and this is evident from all her roles, like the thriller movie ‘Identity’ in 2003, the HBO gen-X supernatural series ‘Carnival’ and critically praised ‘21 Grams’ (2003). Clea is a smoke addict. She is also a good friend of the director, Jamie Babbit. As her personal family has been ruined since her childhood, she has no relations with either of her parents, Robert DuVall and Shelley Duvall. She is an example for many in the world, anyone can learn from her how to survive in this big world with the strongest will power.