Will Kopelman is an American actor and art expert. He was born on 7th July in the year 1978. He lived in the New York City in the United States of America. His parents were Arie Kopelman and Coco Kopelman. His father was the ex- CEO of a channel. His parents separated on 5th April. He has a sister named Jill Kargman. He is popular for his acting in films like ‘Intern’ and ‘Friendly Fire’.

Will completed his graduation from the Boston University in the United States. He worked as an expert in arts with some of the top A-list clients. He has a varied collection of many actors like Lake Bell, Zooey Deschanel, a New Girl star, and Robert Pattison, a Twilight actor. Will’s height is about 5feet and 8inches. He weighed up to 75kg. Presently, he is 36 years old.

Coming to his personal life, for four years, he had a close friendship with Drew Barrymore. From 2011, they started dating. On 2nd June 2012, he married to Drew Barrymore. The wedding ceremony venue was in Montecito in California. Will told her about his liking towards Drew on the 40th anniversary of parents. They have two daughters named as Frankie Barrymore Kopelman and Olive Barrymore Kopelman. Olive was born on the 26th day of September in 2012. Frankie was born on the 22nd day of April in 2014. Before his marriage, he dated Lara Flynn Boyle. Lara dated Nicholson. In 2016, the couple had filed their petition for divorce. Her wife Drew is an American model, actor, director, producer, and author. She lived in Culver City in California. Presently, she is 41 years old.

Coming to his career, he did two pictures. He appeared in a 2000 movie titled ‘Intern’. Michael Lange directed it. Caroline Doyle and Jill Kopelman wrote the story. Joan Rivers, Dominique Swain, Kathy Griffin, and Peggy Lipton are the stars. It was a comedy picture. In 2006, he performed in ‘Friendly Fire’. Michele Civetta directed it. Sean Lennon and Michele Civetta wrote it. It consisted of 10-music videos and was released on 26 September in the year 2006 in Japan, USA, and the UK. In addition to this, he followed Miami Vice.

Recently, Drew and Will’s family united for Mother’s Day. Apart from acting, Will loves shooting. He is passionate for snowboarding. Will is active on social media websites like Instagram and Twitter. He has a total worth of 5 million dollars. Her wife donated about 1 million US dollars for the UN Food Programme.

Justin Chon English Actor

Justin Chon

Justin Chon is a Korean origin actor based in America who has acted on TV and big screen. It was because his father was in show business and a child actor in South Korean films, this inspired Justin Chon to make his debut in show business. His first debut was in a TV serial. Later, he grabbed an offer in 'Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior' a fantasy movie of Disney channel. In this movie, he acted as heroine Brenda Song's brother. In 2008, he appeared as a classmate of heroine Kristen Stewart in an American vampire romance movie named 'Twilight'. His role as Eric Yorkie in this movie ‘Twilight’ fetched him the maximum accolades in his career. He again re-appeared in the sequel of ‘Twilight' which was named as ‘New Moon’. Here again, he reprised the role of Eric Yorkie. After bagging the supporting role in several movies, his first lead role (central character) happened with the movie named '21 &Over'. This was a film which was directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore. Justin featured in the lead cast along with Miles Teller and Skylar Astin. In 2014, again he got a lead role in 'Revenge of the Green Dragons' which was based on Chinese-American gang life in the 1980s and 1990s New York City. In the same year (2015), he acted in two more movies ‘Man Up’ and ‘Satanic’. Justin’s forthcoming movies are ‘Heartbeats’ and ‘Like Lambs’. He made his debut as a director, co-writer, executive producer and an actor in the film ‘Man Up’ which was released in 2015. Justin Chon was born on May 29, 1981, in California.


Douglas Wilmer

Douglas Wilmer was an actor. He was born on 8th January 1920 in Brantford, Middlesex in England. He attended King’s School in Canterbury. Further, he completed his graduation from Stonyhurst College. He took training in acting in London from Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Later, he left the training and enrolled in the British Army. He serviced in the Second World War along with Royal Artillery. Then, he had assigned a job in an anti-tank battery where he watched the war in Africa. Then, he moved out of the Armed Forces because of tuberculosis. Coming to his career, in 1945, he had his first theater performance at Rugby. He portrayed classically and Shakespeare’s acts on the London stages. He had his first film role in ‘Richard III’. It was a Laurence Olivier cinema. He acted as a supporting actor in many movies. In 1956, he played the role in ‘The Battle of the River Plate’. In 1961, he presented as Al-Mu'tamin in the photoplay titled as ‘El Cid’. In 1963, he came up with ‘Cleopatra’. In 1964, he looked up in ‘The Fall of the Roman Empire’. In 1966, he acted as Khalifa Abdullah in ‘khartoum.’ Then, in 1970, he portrayed as Major General Francis Guingand in ‘Patton’. In the same year, he performed as Sir Thomas Fairfax in the picture titled as ‘Cromwell’. In 1972, he appeared in ‘Antony and Cleopatra’. Other acts include the characters of Pelias in ‘Jason and the Argonauts’. In 1964, he did ‘A Shot in the Dark’, which is a Pink Panther production. Others were ‘Revenge of the Pink Panther’, ‘The Golden Voyage of Sinbad’, ‘The Vampire Lovers’ and ‘Octopussy’. Douglas had a strong association with Sherlock Holmes ingénues. In 1964, he played for the BBC produced show called ‘The Speckled Band’. In this show his co-star was Nigel Stock who had the role of Doctor Watson. In 1973, he acted as Van Duson, a detective, and a professor, in the series titled ‘The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes’. It aired on ITV. Later, he performed as Holmes in ‘The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes’. He starred with Thorley Walters. He did ‘The Brides of Fu Manchu’ in 1966 and in 1967; he did ‘The Vengeance of Fu Manchu’. Wilmer recorded a cassette series based on the story of Penguin books. He attended the various US and UK events. His TV shows includes ‘The Avengers’, ‘UFO’, ‘The Adventures of Robin Hood’, ‘The Troubleshooters’, ‘Space: 1999’, ‘The Baron’, and ‘The Saint’. He was a member of the Sherlock Holmes Society. Coming to his personal life, he married to Elizabeth Joan Melville in 1946. He lived in Woodbridge. Wilmer died on 31st March 2016 in England. The cause of death was pneumonia.

Douglas Wilmer English Actor