Eddie Kaye Thomas English Actor

Eddie Kaye Thomas was born in Staten Island, New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York on 31st October 1980. He is an actor by profession and is a superb comedian. He attended the New York High School from where he received his education and later graduated from there. He is active in the industry since 1992. He made his debut to the big screen with “The Diary of Anne Frank” where he starred opposite Natalie Portman She was considered to be a gifted actress of Holly >> Read More... Natalie Portman . The movie released in 1997. Eddie appeared as Andy Rosenberg in the famous Harold and Kumar series.

The first installment released in 2004 and focuses on Harold, an investment banker and Kumar who is a drug addict. They both smoke weed in the home and witness the advertisement of White Castle hamburgers. They both decide to pay a visit there. The plot is about their journey in search of the White Castle, their journey and experience and the trouble they face in reaching there. It is revealed that Kumar doesn’t want to be a doctor since he doesn’t want people to stereotype him. The adventurous journey is the main part of the film and troublesome Kumar and responsible Harold forms the base for the flick. It grossed $23 million and the audience loved its comedy.

With its prequel running successful, the directors came up with Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay. The plot is that Harold and Kumar board the plane to Amsterdam. But Kumar is mistaken as a terrorist and both of them are sent to Guantanamo prison. Kumar finds out that his ex Vanessa is getting married in Texas, so both of them decide to go Texas and their journey is hilariously fun. They reach Texas with only hope to bring Kumar and Vanessa back together. Eddie’s most popular character is Paul Finch in the series, “American Pie”. It is about four friends whose lives are projected to the audience right from their high school till they become a father or husband of someone.

There are total eight installments in the series and all of them filled with dirty sex comedy and lots of sex. His character was an introvert in the beginning of the series but as time passed they come to know about the things done by him. Other works of Eddie includes Black and White, Stolen Summer, Taboo, Dirty Love, Winter Break, Farewell Blender, etc. Eddie also acted in TV series which includes The X-Files, Twilight Zone, CSI, Mismatch, The New Tom Green Show, The Talk, etc.