Warren Beatty

Other names of Warren Beatty: Henry Warren Beatt

Warren Beatty, whose full name is Henry Warren Beatty, is a director, writer, producer, and an actor from the United States of the America. His mother bore him on March 30, 1937, in Richmond, Virginia. His parent's names are Ira Owens Beaty and Kathlyn Corinne.

Ira worked in the real estate sector while looking after the administration of the local school while Kathlyn taught at one. He has a sibling named Shirley MacLaine, who is a professional dancer and actor. She also writes in her free time. Both Warren and Shirley would go to watch movies together, and it is from here that they began to take an interest in films. Of all of them, The Philadelphia Story inspired him the most due to its lead actress' resemblance to his mother.

He studied in Washington-Lee High School where he was also the part of their football team. After Shirley became a successful artist, Warren too decided to give up education and turn towards acting. He enrolled himself in Stella Adler Studio of Acting and learned the nitty-gritty of emoting under the supervision of Stella Adler.

He first appeared on the small screen in Studio One. His first film is Splendor in the Grass. Elia Kazan is his mentor and guide. Since then he has enacted in several tv shows and movies and has also won many prestigious awards for his work.

The names of some of the projects that he is a part of are the Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond, The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, Promise Her Anything, and much more. Most of his motion pictures have achieved critical as well as commercial success.

Initially, he only wanted to become an actor but his nature to control things propelled him to work behind the camera as well. He has financed and created nearly eighty films and TV series. Some of his ambitions projects didn't materialize and are lying dormant due to some unknown reasons. Beatty has been in several relationships but finally married Annette Benning in 1992.

The couple had four children named Stephen Ira, Benjamin, Isabel, and Ella. He is a travel enthusiast and a devoted philanthropist. He is the member of California Air National Guard and the United States Air Force Reserve, but they discharged him due to his physical disability.

He is politically active and supports the Democratic Party. In fact, he also campaigned for the presidential elections for George McGovern. He is the recipient of Americans for Democratic Action's Eleanor Roosevelt Award.