Olivier Claverie English Actor
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Spending 57 years on this planet, Olivier Claverie has given most of his time to cinema and media. He has worked so hard that his people could speak about him for generations. He has done many hits in a row and his 18 years of period behind the lens, and the ‘Lights, Camera, Actions’ has driven us into a new kind of dramatic mood. He was born on the 3rd of April,1959 in Melun, Seine-et-Marne in France. He started out acting in theatres and eventually started to hit the big screens in France. He has done many films in French that consists of 26 feature films and five short films. He wishes to give the audience an essence of his perception of the world through his actions and scenes behind any film.

He started out with short films like ' Coma Click to look into! >> Read More... Coma ' in 1995 which was followed by 'Pepper Candy' and 'Pas Bouger' in, followed by 'Lunch in Foisse' in 2011, and finally ‘ Blank Click to look into! >> Read More... Blank ’ in 2016. His career in films started with ‘Un Samedi Sur La Terre’in 1996, ‘Droit Dans Le Mur’ in 1997, ‘What’s So Funny About Me’ sequenced in the same year, ‘Corridors of Time’ and ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ in 1998, ‘Children of the Century’ in 1999, and later with movies like ‘Cash Truck’ in 2003, 'Angel-A' in 2005, 'The Ring Finger' in 2005 and many more. His recent movie was ‘Guilty’ in 2011 lined up with ‘The Island,’ ‘Let My People Go’ and ‘Tales of the Night’ in the same year. He has recorded voice overs for people in films that include ‘Tales of the Night’ in 2012, and ‘Azur and Asmar’ in 2008.

He has taken every chance to prove himself to be one among the top actors of France by possibly doing things he can in the cinema industry. He has also starred in the television show , 'Barbara’s Law' which aired on 8th of April in 2014. Drama, in general, has been his cup of coffee and has done many dramatic movies in French. Fantasy, comedy, and animation was chosen to be played by him, but it never continued to hit his interests. He choses to perform real life dramatic enactment on the big screens rather than fantasies and fiction. He is indeed a dedicated and a har.d worker for he had so many projects in this field where not everyone has the opportunity like he had.