He is one of the sexiest men alive ever pronounced by polls and reputable magazines. He is known for his name is Luke Evans, born on April 15, 1979 in Wales, United Kingdom. First appeared as Billy for “ Taboo Taboo aka Jamie Luis Gomez who is better known by >> Read More... Taboo ”, as Clive Richards for the movie “”, as Apollo for the movie “Clash of the Titans” a story of Perseus, a demigod son of Zeus, will stop the underworld monsters from engulfing heaven and earth unleashed by his Uncle Hades. He also appeared as a Thug of Sheriff for the movie “ Robin Hood Click to look into! >> Read More... Robin Hood ”, as Andy Cobb for the movie “ Tamara Drewe Click to look into! >> Read More... Tamara Drewe ”, a Craig Stokes for the movie “Blitz” with Jason Statham “Dominick Toretto, you don’t know me…you’re about >> Read More... Jason Statham , a story of a cop that will track down a killer that kills police officers. He also joined the ranks of legends in the movie “ The Three Musketeers Click to look into! >> Read More... The Three Musketeers ”, a story of three vigilantes that will be pursue by a stubborn young man to bring up arms again and save Europe from war.

He played the character Zeus for the movie “ Immortals Click to look into! >> Read More... Immortals ”, he chose Theseus a man that will fight against King Hyperion to prevent him from claiming a weapon that could destroy everyone. He also starred as Adrian for the movie “ Flutter Click to look into! >> Read More... Flutter ”, as Crewcut for the movie “Ashes”, as Inspector Emmett for the movie “ The Raven Click to look into! >> Read More... The Raven ” stories of Edgar Allan Poe was translated into crime and Poe will unite with Emmett to bring down the murderer. He also starred in the movie “ No One Lives Click to look into! >> Read More... No One Lives ” a story of gang that kidnapped rich couple and will travel across country and surprised that everything seems to be different. Also played the role Girion for the movie “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”, a story of good friends that will try to reclaim their homeland from a Smaug and also for the continuation “The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug.”

In 2013, he joined the ranks of A List for the franchise movie “” as Owen Shaw, a rogue army officer that will smuggle the microchip that will be used to halt systems of any country that could blind them and unleash their wrath, Hobbs and Dominic will unite to bring down his group and reclaim freedom. He reprised his character for the movie “ Dracula Untold Click to look into! >> Read More... Dracula Untold ” as Vlad III Tepes or Lord Impaler. As a loyal ally to the tyrant and his long friend Mehmed, he offered enough wealth to keep his people away from his plans but Mehmed will slash everything in his way to become conqueror. He asked Vlad to donate men for battle which he refused and as a return, Mehmed asked him to include his son. As his Transylvania was threatened and no ally to fight with, he sorted to piratical approached to a known creature in the mountain caves and asked for power. He must defeat Mehmed army on time, if he will exceed days and lose power, his kingdom will be eliminated along with his family. She tried to save her wife after her fall from the tower and bit her to gain power and conquer Mehmed. He also starred again in the 2014 movie “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” playing the role Bard.

John Cena English Actor

John Cena

One of the superstars of World Wrestling and became a blockbuster movie magnate. Born as John Felix Anthony Cena on April 23, 1977 in West Newbury, Massachusetts. A widely known wrestler, talented actor and rapper. He made his first debut and blockbuster film for  the movie “The Marine” a story of a former marine that thieves kidnapped his wife and he will have to hunt them down to retrieve his love one. He made another blockbuster hit “12 Rounds” as Danny Fisher where he have to complete twelve tasks to retrieve her kidnapped girlfriend by his archenemy of his past. He also starred as Mike Chetley for the movie “Legendary” a story of a bookworm boy that joins school wrestling team to reunite his family after the death of his father who is a wrestling legend a decade ago.He also bagged roles for the movie “Fred: The Movie Series” the imaginary father of the main cast, starred as Sam Cleary for the movie “The Reunion” a story of a daughter that will do everything to reunite his brothers back together after the death of their father. He also starred as a voice talent for his self for the movie “Scooby Doo! Wrestle Mania Mystery” and “The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age Smack Down!”, as Steven for the movie “Trainweck”, and for the movie “Sisters.” He continuously roamed different movies and also TV appearances and miniseries plus episodes that he could bag in to. He still plays as a professional wrestler for the WWE franchise and beloved by his fans around the world.


Charles Dance

One of the renowned actors of all time and true Renaissance man in his portrayals of characters. Born as Walter Charles Dance OBE on October 10, 1946 in Worcestershire, England. First appeared for the movie “For Your Eyes Only” in 1981, starred also in the movie “Plenty” a story of an English woman that did everything to make out of herself during post World War II, starring Meryl Streep. His success right away followed in the movie “The Golden Child”, landed a role in “Out on  a Limb”, “White Mischief”, “Hidden City”, and “Good Morning, Babylon” in 1987. This was followed in 1988 movie called “Pascali’s Island”, and redefined his acting skills for the movie “The Phantom of Opera”, and in the movie “Alien 3” a story of a woman followed by alien. He also joined the cast of “Last Action Hero” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, casted role in the movie “China Moon” and become Best Actor Paris Film Festival for the movie “Kabloonak.”He continuously roared silver screen in the movie “Century”, starred also for the movie “Space Tuckers” and “Michael Collins”, landed a role for the movie “The Blood Oranges”, gained popularity for his 1998 movie “What Rats Won’t Do”, and made additional films in 1998 entitled “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” and “Hilary and Jackie.” Part of the films in 1991 including “Gosford Park”, “The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickelby”, and “Dark Blue World.” Played also role in the movie “Black and White” a story of Max Stuart facing court trial. Starred in the movie “Ali G Indahouse”, also in the movie “Swimming Pool” a story of a writer with different interaction with her daughter that comes with complexities. He also starred in the movies including “Dolls”, “Scoop”, “Starter for 10”, and played role for the movie “The Contractor” in 2007.He defied King John in the movie “Ironclad”, as the leader of Archdiocese and summons a King from France to stop the ruthless king and ask the Knights Templar to seize a castle while they travel across the sea. He also starred in the movie “Your Highness”, and joined the casts of “Midnight’s Children”, and starred alongside Kate Beckinsale for the movie “Underworld: Awakening” in 2012, as continuation mankind discovers their  existence and they will face extermination and will fight for their race. He also starred in the movie “Patrick”, in the same year for the movie “Viy”, and as the cunning and oldest vampire living in the mountain caves for the movie “Dracula Untold”, as the vampire, he let Vlad of Transylvania borrow his power for 3 days to defeat the conqueror Mehmed, unfortunately, Vlad failed and become first breed. He also starred in the movie “The Imitation Game”, starred in the movie “Michiel de Ruyter”, played role for the movie “Woman in Gold”, and starred in the movie “Child 44.”

Charles Dance English Actor