Jeremy Irvine is an actor, who took birth on the 18th of June in 1990. Professionally he is involved in an acting career. He worked on a debut movie in 2011, which was a war related movie. The name of that movie was “ War Horse”. Then in 2012, he did the movie “Now Is Good”, a direction of OL Parker. In 2013, for the movie “The Railway Man”, he did hard exercises, without eating any food and lost a total weight of 13 kg. Thus, he came to be known as a method actor. He was doing this to perform the torture scenes related stunts in this movie.

His 2014 movies include- A Night In Old Mexico, a direction of Emilio Aragon and other one is - The World Made Straight, which is based on a novel of 2006, and its author is Ron Rash. His 2015 movies include- The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death and ‘ Stonewall’. During 2016, he portrayed the character of “Daniel Grigori” from a novel named “Fallen”. His mother name was “Bridget” and she was working as a local government politician. HIs father’s name was “Chris Smith” and professionally he was working as an engineer. He was the elder of two more brothers.

He was 16 years old when he started to act and the inspiration behind this for him was his drama teacher. He completed his foundation course from Academy of Music and Dramatic Art from London and after that he tried hard to get work in acting. Just before getting work in War Horse, he was just about to leave acting as he tired seeing his efforts yield no results. His father wanted him to get engaged in the work of welding in the same company in which he was at an engineer profile. Before getting the work in his first movie, he was working in a super market in his local area and had also done some web designing.

During 2010, he made his appearance in the company of Royal Shakespeare into the production “Dunsinane”. During an interview he said that his friends used to say to him that he is going to be a tree and indeed during his first acting role, he was seen waving two branches. During 2011, he was acting in War Horse. During 2011, he was also engaged in the production “The Railway Man”. In 2013, he was casted in the movie “Fallen” and performed in the movie, which was based on the novel “The World Made Straight”. During November of 2015, he acted in the music video of the song “ Nerve”.

In 2014, he performed in the biopic “Mary Shelley’s Monster”. Since his childhood, he was suffering from diabetes and at the age of six, he was diagnosed with four injections per day. He loves privacy in his personal life and says that inspite of Hollywood, he loves living in a village. He also gives a lot of honor to his mother’s work which is to get the homeless people re-housed.

Jeremy Davies English Actor

Jeremy Davies

Having a Welsh and Scottish background, Jeremy was born in Michigan. He is one of the two sons of children’s books author, Melvin Lyle Boring, from whose second marriage he has two half-siblings. After his parents’ divorce, he lived with his mother who passed away while he was still young due to which he had to move in with his father. He took up his mother’s maiden name, Davies, as his professional one. It wasn’t long until he left home to complete his high school in Iowa and then moved to California to pursue his studies at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He made his fame-gaining debut in David Russell’s movie called Spanking the Monkey. It was considered a classic and got Jeremy a lot of fame. He won an Independent Spirit Award because of his debut performance in the movie. Before that movie in 1994, he did several small roles in projects like the TV movie called Shoot First: A Cop’s Vengeance, in a few episodes of The Wonder Years, in a short film called 1775 and another one called Guncrazy. However, what got him, a good name was Spanking the Monkey. What got him that part was a successful TV commercial of a car. Early in his career, another role worth noticing was his role as Timothy E. Upham in S. Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan. These roles jumpstarted his career. He has featured in several other movies including It’s Kind Of A Funny Story, Investigating Sex, CQ, The Million Dollar Hotel, Solaris, The Laramie Project, etc. He got nominated for the Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actor for the last two films. Saving Private Ryan got him three nominations, one of which he won. He started getting noticed in the TV world after 2004 when he played Charles Manson in Helter Skelter, a CBS show. He bagged a lead role in fourth and fifth seasons and also in a few episodes in sixth seasons of Lost as Daniel Faraday, a physicist. He won a Primetime Emmy Award for his several appearances on Justified, an FX’s show. He is known to be a very hard working actor. He particularly worked very hard for his role in Lost for which he studied both Physics and Maths. His voice is loved by many for its warm and relaxed tone. His success is much appreciated since his childhood was a difficult one with a nomadic essence to it.


Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven is a man with many talents. Having come from a middle-class theater background family, he is a classically trained actor in the English language. His iconic role so far is his portrayal of the real-life character of Hollywood agent Ari Gold in American hit comedy ‘Entourage’ from 2004 to 2011, which was also made into a movie of the same series later. Jeremy is born and brought up in a Jewish household, but he considers himself a Buddhist Jew. He was born in Manhattan, New York, to Byrne Piven and Joyce Hiller Piven. Growing up in Illinois, he went to Evanston Township High School. He was naturally inclined toward acting and theater, so he enrolled in acting workshops like that of Harand Theater during his teens. He then attended Piven Theatre Workshop which had his parents as founders and got the necessary acting skills, and that gave him the confidence he was seeking. And the next obvious step was to pursue in the same line, and he enrolled himself at Tisch School of Arts of New York University and is an alumni of the famous pi kappa alpha fraternity. He did not, however, complete his graduation as Hollywood came calling and he had to go and try his luck at acting. Jeremy is also known for his long friendship with John Cusack, which flourished during their Piven Theater Workshop days. Born on 26th July 1965, his career began in 1990 with small unnoticeable roles. He was seen in movies like ‘Grifters’, ‘Kahn’ and White Palace. In 1991, Jeremy was offered some roles in some major sitcoms and was made the regular cast member of the then famous show The Larry Sanders Show. Jerry Seinfeld’s show ‘Seinfeld’ had offered him a role to play the other lead of the show George Costanza in the pilot episode of the show. He was then cast in films like Twenty Bucks and thrillers like Judgment Night. But 1993, he was seen in more movies and his presence was felt in movies like ‘Together’, Where Are You and ‘PCU’. It was during this movie PCU that he caught malaria, and he was subjected to hospitalization. The following years, that is the late 1990s, he was seen making guest appearances and short appearances in television shows like Pride And Joy and Chicago Hope, and also featured in some famous movies Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde, and ‘Heat’. He worked on Ellen DeGeneres’s show for about three years as a permanent cast member of the show and then was seen on shows like Grace Under Fire, ‘Coach’, The Drew Carry Show and ‘Cupid’. He was famous for his appearance on Cupid show playing Trevor Hale/Cupid for about 15 episodes on the show. In 2000, he continued appearing in shows, making one episode appearances like in that of Buzzlight year of Star Command and other shows like ‘Spiderman’ and Justice League Unlimited before his deal breaker Entourage. Jeremy was also part of some not so great movies which include Kiss The Girls, Larger than Life, Very Bad Things, Music From Another Room and others. In the movie The Crew he played a cop Steve Mentzer, and in the movie The Family Man, he played Arnie. But box office hits like Rush Hour 2, ‘Serendipity’ and Black Hawk Down gave him the popularity and also huge success commercially. Jeremy’s portrayal of Ari in the comedy series Entourage is still remembered and will always be remembered by the audience. His great and remarkable acting skills were flared up in the drama comedy. While shooting for Entourage, Jeremy also involved himself in movies which were not entirely successful per se. He was seen in ‘Cars’, The Kingdom, Smokin’ Aces and also in the flop Scooby Doo franchise. His association with Entourage remained till 2011 and so did his association with movies. Movies like Spy Kids and So Undercover (one with Miley Cyrus) are notable ones. In 2013, he then co-produced and starred in the British Drama series Mr. Selfridge, playing the role of Harry Gorden Selfridge for which he has received accolades and the show was well accepted with constructed criticism. And in the next year, he appeared in the sequel of the movie Sin City (Sin City: A Dame to Kill for). In 2015, the producers of the hit show Entourage, decided to make a movie and Ari’s character which is so iconic was retained by Jeremy and it was a huge hit and widely appreciated. Jeremy was never down righted by the critics for his acting skills. He was also seen alongside his best buddy John Cusack in movies like The Grifters, ‘Floundering’, One Crazy Summer and The Player, where he was mostly seen as playing Cusack’s best buddy. He splits time between his two houses at Malibu and Chicago and is known to play drums very well. His associations with Broadway can be seen in Speed-the-plow directed by David Mamet and which has, big-billed stars Elizabeth Ross and Raul Espresso. But Jeremy could not perform in all the shows as he quit the show, due to mercury poisoning. Jeremy has been nominated several times at the Emmys for his portrayal of the Hollywood agent role of Ari Gold in Entourage. And he is one of those few actors who won the Prime Time Emmy award for Best Supporting Actor for three years in a row from 2006 through 2008. But in 2008, Jeremy won the prestigious Golden Globe for the same role in Entourage. Jeremy is said to continue his work in both television and movies. The 50 plus actor is known to have not been married but has been famous for his philandering with models and co-stars. His name is taken with quite a long list of women. His friendship with his friend Cusack remains intact till date. Jeremy is highly regarded and enjoyed for his brilliant deadpan delivery and the attitude in his acting skills. He has his share of the spotlight and is considered a reliable star since his acting is unquestionable by people.

Jeremy Piven English Actor