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English Movie Actor Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons was born on March 24th, 1973 in Houston Texas.  He attended Klein Oak High School where he was first introduced to acting.  He states that he felt he could truly connect with his roles.  Parson’s states that his want to become an actor was driven by watching sitcoms such as Family Ties and The Bill Cosby Show.  Parsons received an undergraduate degree from the University of Houston.  This was an extremely busy time for Parsons as he appeared in about 20 plays in the course of just three years.  Jim Parsons entered graduate school at the University of San Diego.  Many critics of Parson’s work comment on his originality and unique personality that commands attention.  Jim Parsons made his screen debut in small roles for shows such as Ed and Judging Amy.  However, this would all change as he was considered for a role in an upcoming comedy known as The Big Bang Click to look into! >> Read More... Theory. The director of the show, Chuck Lorre, was stunned by Parson’s performance and cast him as Sheldon Cooper.  Sheldon is a socially apathetic genius.  In 2009, Parsons beat out the likes of Alec Baldwin Alec Baldwin is an American actor and comedian bor >> Read More... and Tina Fey A multi-talented person, Tina Fey is an American a >> Read More... to win the Televisions Critics Association award for individual comedy.  Jim has appeared in several other movies such as The Big Year Click to look into! >> Read More... as well as The Muppets Click to look into! >> Read More... remake.


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