Top 10 Sheldon Moments Of The Big Bang Theory

Top 10 Sheldon Moments Of The Big Bang Theory English Article

The Big Bang Click to look into! >> Read More... The Big Bang Theory recently finished its ninth season and we decided to give you a throwback of all the best moments of Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper. Check our list out.


1. “Heads up, you people in the front row. This is a splash zone.”


In this hilarious episode from season 1, Sheldon tries to blow up Leonard’s head like from the movie, “Scanners!”. When both of them are invited to present their joint paper at a conference and Sheldon refuses to go, a fight breaks out between them. When Leonard still goes ahead and presents the paper, Sheldon arrives there and insults Leonard. Soon the entire thing escalates into a physical fight which Howard posts on YouTube as ‘Physicists Gone Wild.’



2. “I possess the DNA of Leonard Nimoy?”


In season 2, when Penny buys Sheldon a Christmas gift, he buys a dozen gift baskets from Bath and Body Works and decides to give her the one with the value closest to that of her gift and return the rest. However, when she gives him a napkin autographed by Leonard Nimoy on which he also wiped his mouth, he is so overwhelmed that he gives her all the baskets and the first ever Sheldon hug.


3.”All this fighting, I might as well be back with my parents!”

In season 3, when Leonard and Penny get into a fight, Sheldon is very disturbed as he remembers his parents fighting when he was a child. This causes him to monolog a fight between his parents when Howard and Raj also start fighting. “Damn it George! I told you I’d leave you if you didn’t quit drinking.” “Well, that makes you a liar ‘because I’m drunk as hell and you’re still here!”


4. “I saved a nun’s life. Why am I being Punished?”

In this episode from season 4, Sheldon accompanies Penny to her Girl’s Night with Bernadette and Amy. They bond over insulting Priya, Leonard’s then girlfriend and when Sheldon tells them that he took waltz dance lessons as a kid, the girls decide to take him dancing. Not only is the dance part hilarious, but Amy also kisses Sheldon for the first time in this episode.


5.”Leonard sleeps while I play the bongos.”

In season 5, when Sheldon cannot get his haircut as his barber was in the hospital, is unable to handle the breaking of his routine and starts believing that he is living in a world of chaos. To prove his point, he plays bongos at 3 am, wakes up Leonard and Penny and goes over to Amy’s house before finally letting Penny cut his hair.


6.”Like I want to rip off my own face and tear it in half and again and again, till I have a handful of Sheldon-faced confetti!”

In this episode of season 6, Amy helps Sheldon with his compulsive need for closure. She has him play an incomplete game of tic tac toe, sing the American National Anthem but stop at the last word, make an unfinished domino design, blow out all but one candles on a cake and leave a Jack-In-The-Box half. When she leaves, he proceeds to complete all the tasks properly and lays on the carpet, panting with happiness.


7.”See, I don’t know! What should I do?”

Unable to decide between a PS4 and an XBOX ONE in this classic episode of season 7, Sheldon comically highlights all the advantages and disadvantages of the two. When he brings it up on date night with Amy, she sarcastically goes along with his every point before yelling “PLEASE PASS THE BUTTER!”Even till the end, Sheldon is confused and hilariously bursts into tears when the cash registers of the electronic shop are closed.


8. “Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I have been hallucinating lately.”

In season 8, when Sheldon tries to raise his anxiety levels so that he can become more productive, he dons a weird cap that records how much his brain is working when he is under stress. He overworks himself, doesn’t eat or sleep and hallucinates. When Amy fails to reason with him, Leonard and Penny step in and finally get him to rest.


9. “I don’t see any other countries lining up to invade its southern borders!”

In season 9, after Amy breaks up with Sheldon, he is devastated. When she refuses to film Fun with Flags with him, he does it by himself while putting in small embarrassing stories from the time they were dating to irritate Amy.


10. “Mommy, don’t let Spock take me to the future!”

For the final Sheldon moment, we present season 4. When Sheldon tries to learn how to act from Penny, he presents a one-act play he wrote about himself when he was a kid. While acting, he gets worked up and starts playing both his mother and himself, eliciting laughs from everyone. And there you have it folks! Top 10 funniest Sheldon moments. Let us know which one is your favorite!