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Jeffrey Goldblum, an American actor, was born on 22 October 1952 in Pennsylvania. His parents were Harold L. Goldblum and Shirley. His father was a doctor and mother was a radio broadcaster. Later, she started a business of selling kitchen equipment’s and appliances. Goldblum has two elder brothers and a sister.

Jeffrey, at the age of 17 shifted to New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York to become an actor. He did stage performances. He attended Neighborhood Play house to learn to act. He studied under the guidance of his coach, Sanford Meisner. He acted in 'Two Gentlemen of Verona'. The film won Tony Award. Jeffrey is a pianist. He told that he would become a musician if he could not act well. In 1974, he worked in 'Death Wish', a Charles Bronson Charles Bronson who was born on 3rd November, 1921 >> Read More... Charles Bronson film. He looked up as a protestor in 'Colombo: A Case of Immunity'. Goldblum has played lead roles in many movies. They were 'The Lost World', 'Into the Night', 'The Tall Guy' and 'Earth Girls are Easy'. He portrayed himself as supporting roles in 'The big Chill', 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' and 'Jurassic Park'. Some Anderson films were ' The Grand Budapest Hotel Click to look into! >> Read More... The Grand Budapest Hotel ', 'The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou'.

Goldblum was very popular for the ads. He was the first choice for most of the U.S. Apple ads and as well as for the iMac and iBook ads. He also advertised for US Toyota and Procter & Gamble’s facial cream line. He appeared in the advertisement of National Lottery on Irish TV. Since 2015, he is the voice for website

Goldblum directed an action short film titled as 'Little Surprises' with several actors from Neighborhood Play house. In 1996, his film was nominated for an Academy Award. He performed the character of Adam in 'Adam Resurrected'. It was declared in 2006 that Jeffrey was a member of The Fire Dept, a new theater company in New York. He appeared in guest roles in ' Sesame Street Sesame Street is a preschool educational TV show t >> Read More... Sesame Street '.

In 2014, Jeffrey had a jazz band that performed a weekly show. He looked like a detective, Zach Nichols in the series, 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent'. He replaced Chris North. He acted in 'Last Week Tonight' in 2014. In 2015, he added 'The Modern Ocean' film in his achievements.

Goldblum married to Patricia Gaul in 1980. He starred with her in 'Silverado'. Then, he married to Geena Davis Geena Davis is an American model, former Archer, a >> Read More... Geena Davis . She was her co-star in 'Earth Girls are Easy', 'Transylvania 6-5000' and 'The Fly'. In 2014, he married to a gymnast Emilie Livingston. They has a son, Charlie Ocean. He was born on 4 July 2015.