Jackie Earle Haley

Other names of Jackie Earle Haley: Jackie Haley
Birthday: 14-07-1961
Age: 57
Star sign: Leo

Jackie Earle Haley is a prominent American actor, who was born in Northridge, which is in California, in USA. He was born on the 14th in the month of July, 1961, to Haven Earle ‘Bud’ Haley, an actor, radio DJ and host. Jackie has done a number of films including the post-apocalyptic film, Damnation Alley, in 1977, John Schlesinger’s The Day of the Locust, in 1975, and the comedy film, Losin’ It, in 1983. He also donned several television guest appearances.

Jackie started his career as a child actor and was starred as Kelly Leak, a troublemaker, who rides in his Harley Davidson motorcycle, in the 1976 comedy film, The Bad News Bears. He was also starred in the film’s sequel entitled The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training, in 1977, and the final series of it, entitled The Bad News Bears Go to Japan, in 1978. In the following year, he played the role of Moocher in the coming-of-age comedy drama film, Breaking Away, along with Dennis Christopher, Daniel Stern and Dennis Quaid. Subsequently, he did the same role in the short-lived television series of the same name. All through the year 1970, Jackie usually played the roles of an angry, tough and pimply guy, aside from his debut film, The Outside Man, in 1972, where he played a boy, who is desperately sad. He also shot the pilot episode of the ‘Oh No! Not THEM!’, which was adapted from the British comedy sitcom, The Young Ones. Jackie appeared in the 12th episode of the television children’s show, ‘ Shazam!’ in 1974. There are rumors that Jackie auditioned for Wes Craven’s supernatural slasher horror film, A Nightmare on Elm Street, in 1984, along with his friend and co-actor, Johnny Depp. But it was Depp, who was chosen to do a role in the film.

His acting career went inactive in the 90’s until the early 2000’s as he shifted to San Antonio, Texas, and became a director. He became successful as a producer and director of TV commercials, and in 2006, he returned to acting through Sean Penn’s recommendation and played the role of Sugar Boy, Penn’s bodyguard, in All the King’s Men. After this, he made an award-winning performance as Ronnie, a paroled sex offender, in the drama film, Little Children, helmed by Todd Field. Jackie earned several accolades and a number of critics awards in this film. He revealed that his inspiration was the rapport he shared with his mother and his brother, who died due to an overdose of heroin. He also earned a nomination at the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, and was invited to participate at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 2007.

In 2008, he made an appearance in the American sports comedy film, Semi-Pro, and later, he starred in the crime film, Winged Creatures, along with Dakota Fanning. He was starred as Walter Kovacs/ Rorschach in the neo-noir superhero film, ‘Watchmen’, in 2009, where he earned appreciation and praises from the viewers for his performance in this movie. He appeared as George Noyce, an insane patient, in the neo-noir psychological thriller film, Shutter Island, in 2010. He earned more popularity after bagging the role of the famous Freddy Krueger in the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street, and has signed for the film’s three installments. He is a regular in the action drama TV series, Human Target, on Fox, and played as Willie Loomis in Tim Burton’s horror comedy film, Dark Shadows, in 2012. Jackie is also part of Steven Spielberg’s epic historical drama film, ‘ Lincoln’.

Jackie is the owner of JEH Productions in Texas. He was first married to Sherry Vaughan, and later got married to Jennifer Hargrave, with whom he had two children, namely Christopher and Olivia. In 2004, he got married to Amelia Cruz.

Jack Black English Actor

Jack Black

Jack Black whose full name is Thomas Jacob Black was born on the 28th August in the year 1969 in Santa Monica, California. Jack is the son of Thomas William Black and Judith Love. Both his parents were satellite engineers. Jack’s parents got divorced when he was ten years old. Jack did his high school at a private secondary school called the Poseidon School after which he also attended the Crossroads School where he showed an interest towards Drama and further went on to pursuing a successful career in entertainment. Jack at the age of 13 first went on to act in a television commercial for a video game called Pitfall and went into acting on shows where he played significant roles in shows such as Picket Fences, The X-Files, Northern Exposure, Golden Palace, Mr. Show and Life Goes On. After which Jack went on to playing small roles in films like Enemy of the State, True Romance, Deadman Walking, Mars Attack, The Cable Guy, Demolition Man, Water world and Airborne. Jack is an Actor, Comedian and a musician who has made an appearance in a Leading role in the films High Fidelity in the year 2000 and also starred alongside Gwyneth Paltrow in Shallow Hal in the year 2001. Jack scored big with box office animated project Kung Fu Panda in the year 2008 and Kung Fu Panda 2 alongside Dustin Hoffman, who is a 2 time Academy Award winner. Jack was amazing at comedy and so was it seen in his next film opposite to Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and JoBeth Williams in the comedy film The Big Year which was released in the year 2011. Jack was also nominated for the Golden Globe as the Best Actor in Comedy for his role in the comedy film Bernie released in the year 2011. Jack also has voice acted in films like The Simpsons, Kung Fu Panda and went on to giving voice to the main character roadie Eddie Riggs for an action themed video game called the Brutal Legend. Jack also won the Best Voice award in 2009 at the Spike video game awards. Jack also being a musician was the lead singer for a comedy rock band called the Tenacious D where he was also addressed as JB. He also released three albums one of which was a self -titled debut and the other two which followed wereRize of the Fenix and The Pick of Destiny. His music was also used in the videogames Brutal Legend and Guitar Hero 3. Jack Black got engaged to Tanya Haden the year 2006 who is one of the triplet daughters of Charlie Haden. Jack and Tanya were from the same school and met again after almost 15 years since they graduated after which they got married on the 14 th of March 2006. Jack and Tanya had a beautiful marriage and had their first son who was born on the 10th of June 2006, who was named Samuel Jason. In the year 2008, Jack and his wife had a second child Thomas David Black, who was born on 23rd May 2008. Jack Black currently has 116 credits to his name.


Jacob Smith

Jacob Smith is a well-known actor. He was born as Jonathan Jacob Charles William Smith on January 21, 1990, in Monrovia, California, in the USA. Jacob is a member of the rock band called My September Story. He likes skateboarding and is a member of a skating team in his neighborhood. He started his acting career as a child actor and appeared in many television series such as Chuck Norris’ ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’, the teen drama series, Party of Five, and the family sitcom, Step By Step. At the same time, Jacob was also featured in the telefilms’ Evolution’s Child, and Disney’s Phantom of the Megaplex. In 2002, he played as Hansel in the film adaptation of ‘Hansel and Gretel’, along with Taylor Momsen in the lead roles. In the same year, he was seen in the supernatural fantasy film, ‘Dragonfly’, which stars Kevin Costner. He played as Jake Bearer, one of Steve Martin’s children, in the family comedy film, Cheaper by the Dozen, in 2003. He was only 11-years old during that time, but the impact of the film’s success adds to his popularity to the pre-teen audiences. He also appeared in three episodes of the drama program, ‘Miracles’, as Tommy Ferguson. In the following year, he did a small role as a messenger boy in the epic war film, ‘Troy’. Also, in 2004, he was seen in the police procedural drama series, Without a Trace, as Matt Palmer. He reprised his role in Cheaper by the Dozen 2, in the year 2005. This film is a sequel of the 2003 film, Cheaper by the Dozen. In 2006, Jacob acted as Peter Rhodes in the pilot episode of the television series, Secrets of a Small Town. As of now, the actor has taken some time out from acting, but based on his social media accounts, he seems to enjoy skating, similar to his character as Jake Baker in Cheaper by the Dozen.

Jacob Smith English Actor