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Do you understand the word that is coming out of my mouth?” This could be his most famous line in all of his movies while battling with Chris Tucker His full name is Christopher Tucker. He is an Amer >> Read More... singing Edwin Starr’s “ War Click to look into! >> Read More... ” in his comedy-action film “Rush Hour.” “Anything can do” might be his motto as he’s like a “sorcerer” turning any objects around him as his fatal weapon. He produced his own stunt group company called JCE Movies Unlimited. No insurance company would like to cover for his death-defying stunts. Also known for the movie “Rumble in the Bronx.” He is also known with comedy-action movie genre.

“Pao-pao” in Chinese or “Cannon-ball” in English, he was dubbed by his own mother as he does lots of baby movements while inside his mother’s womb. Born as Chan Kong-Sang SBS MBE. He worked as stuntman for legendary Martial Arts actor Bruce Lee Bruce Lee, a true legend and a philosopher, was an >> Read More... . He was born on April 7th 1954 from Victoria Peak, British Hong Kong. His parents worked for the Hong Kong Ambassador notably his father as a spy. He studied at Nah-Hwa Primary School, they transferred to Australia and he studied at China Drama Academy. He was married to Lin Feng-jiao in 1982 and had 2 children. He also worked as construction worker where he got his name “ Jackie Click to look into! >> Read More... ” and as a bouncer. He got a Guinness World Record for having the “Most Stunts by a Living Actor” and “Most Credits in One Movie” in his adventure film “Chinese Zodiac.” He made also an impossible stunt as a TV Guest breaking 4 blocks while holding egg in his hand repeatedly. We haven’t started yet, he starred in 150 films as he’s known a legend.

He started his acting career way back 1962 film “Big and Little Wong Tin Bar.” He also made numerous films in more than 55 years. He starred in the 1978 film “Snake in Eagle’s Shadow” as an orphan and trained and became martial arts master. He made a breath-taking stunt hanging in a clock tower in more than 60 feet and to retake multiple times in the 1983 movie “Project A.” He also successfully saved his girlfriend in the 1984 film “Wheels on Meals” and was highly praised in his fighting scenes. He made his breaking role in 1986 movie “Armour of God” and known where he got his delicate head injury. He was commended again in his exploits using factory ropes in the 1989 movie “Miracles.” He directed and organized the action scenes for this movie. He made his iconic-eccentric style of martial arts in the 1994 movie “Legend of the Drunken Master.” He made outstanding stunts using a ladder with gusto in “Police Story 4” in 1996. In in 1997 film “Mr. Nice Guy,” he played as a chef and trying to save his girlfriend and ended up in rumble and used odd-construction materials as his weaponry. He did again a defying stunt hanging in a wheel barrow from a multi-story building. His stunt in the 1998 movie “Who Am I?” was considered to be the world’s dangerous stunt. It took him 2 weeks to plan everything shot their scene sliding a skyscraper slope. He also worked with Jennifer Love Hewitt Born on the 21st of February 1979, the off-spring >> Read More... and he played a taxi driver in “The Tuxedo.”  He made his franchise “New Police Story”, a drama-action film as infamous Senior Inspector Chan bullied by youngsters and killing all his team members. He made multiple movies with Chris Tucker in his franchise movie “Rush Hour” and teamed up with Owen Wilson Owen Wilson was born in Dallas, Texas on November >> Read More... in comedy-action film “Shanghai Noon” and “Shanghai Knights.” He teamed up also with Jaden Smith Jaden Smith is a popular American actor and rapper >> Read More... for their remake of “ The Karate Kid Click to look into! >> Read More... .” He teamed up with Jet Li Often called as the “Pretty Boy from Beijing.” Fam >> Read More... in the movie “The Forbidden Kingdom.” His voice was used in “ Kung Fu Panda Kung Fu Panda Legend of awesomeness is a Popular T >> Read More... ” for Master Monkey and making his mega-film “Chinese Zodiac.” He won countless award including Silver Bauhinia Star and Member for Order of the British Empire. In 2016 will be the release of “Kung Fu Panda 3.


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