Born in Wyckoff, New Jersey, Ezra Miller is an American actor, singer, and model, who is best recalled for his role in the movie, “Perks of Being a Wallflower” as Patrick, a homosexual high school going teenager, opposite Logan Lerman Who said that he’s just a beginner? He started and >> Read More... Logan Lerman and Emma Watson She’s the first girl character to be reckoned with >> Read More... Emma Watson . At the age of six, he started to get trained as an opera singer, but only because he wanted to fix the speech impairment he possessed. He has been a part of the Metropolitan Opera, and also performed in the premiere of the opera, “White Raven”. He withdrew from the education aspect of his life after the release of the movie, “Afterschool”, which was sort of an inaugurating ceremony to his acting career. After the first movie, other movies in which he has featured are, “ City Island Click to look into! >> Read More... City Island ”, “Beware the Gonzo”, “Every Day”.

Further, he starred in one of the book adaptations of Lionel Shriver in the year 2003; the movie was called, “We Need to Talk About Kevin.” This project was remarkably hit at the Cannes Film Festival. Ezra Miller also got to be a part of the popular comedy television series, “Californication”, and was featured on “Royal Pains” as Tucker Bryant for two seasons. In the year 2014, he also starred in the historical adaptation of the book called, “Madame Bovary” by the same name, where he played the role of a handsome bachelor named, Leon Dupuis.

News around the globe is that he is to be The Flash Click to look into! >> Read More... The Flash (Barry Allen) in a movie reworking of the DC Comics character, “The Flash”, which is all ready to be released in the year 2018. Ezra Miller’s sexuality isn’t straight as a ruler, given that he himself claimed to be attracted to both the sexes and believes in spreading the message of love. He was also pulled over by the police for a broken brake light (the year 2011) and allegedly, he had with him, 20 grams of marijuana. He was initially convicted of the charge of drug possession, a charge that was consequently dropped by the judge. However, he had to pay the price of $600.

Ewen Bremner English Actor

Ewen Bremner

Bremner was born on 23 January 1972 in Edinburgh, the son of two art teachers. He attended his primary school from Davidson's Mains Primary School and did his high schooling from Portobello High School, Edinburgh. He initially wanted to be a Circus Clown but luckily got a chance to a show business by the great television director of that time 'Richard D. Brooks'. His 1st movie was "Heavenly Pursuits" in which he played the role of 'Steve Dean'. His most possible and impressive role was as in ‘Charles Gormley’s Heavenly Pursuits which had released in 1985. Bremner portrayed the role of "Spud" in the film by Danny Boyle, which had been based on the novel by 'Irvine Welsh's novel ‘Trainspotting’ in 1933, and the role of Mullet in the movie ‘Snatch’ directed by 'Guy Ritche' released in 2000. He had portrayed the role of a supporting actor in many screenplays. In 2005, he played as James VI, King Of Scots in a TV series namely, "Elizabeth 1". In 2007, he played the role of Justin in the movie "Death of Funeral" as well as the role of Steven in the film 'Mediator'. Many of his roles have recorded, but most of his characters include people that are injured or hurt. He won many awards such as in 1997 he won the EMPIRE award for the movie Trainspotting which had released in the year 1996. He was also declared as the best actor in the year 2000 for the photoplay "Donkey-Boy" which had been out in the year 1999. Ewen Bremner is not usually found talking about his personal life. Bremner isn't even active in any of the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. So getting details about his private life is difficult. Fortunately, an article gives us a bit of knowledge about his personal life. The star of the article was not Bremner but, it was his star daughter Harmony. The star father had worked with 'Harmony Korine' in 1999 on 'Julien Donkey-Boy, and named his infant 'HARMONY'. The Pearl Harbor actor's daughter had won a Critic Award for her review of the movie, 'Illusionist’. She has been bestowed in the age group 7-11. Bremner travelled all the way to London to see her daughter receive the reward. Bremner was not the only one present there to support her star daughter Harmony; Marcia Rose was also there for her star daughter. Rose and Bremner in early times had been seen together in the movies like "16 Years of Alcohol" in 2003 and 'Skin' in the year 1995. No news either of their marriage or divorce has come up. So, she might not be his wife. Some of the biggest projects, Bremner has been associated with are movies like Trainspotting, "Pearl Harbor", "Black Hawk Down" and "Jack the Giant Slayer".


F Murray Abraham

Murray was born in Pittsburgh but raised in Texas to a mechanic, Fredrick Abraham, and a home-maker, Josephine. His father migrated from Syria during the famine period in the 1920s. His mother had an Italian-American background. To honour his father, Fredrick, Abraham added an ‘’F’’ to his screen name. He began working the film industry from 1971 and his first film was a comedy called They Might Be Giants. He had a continuous workflow of acting parts and voice-over jobs in commercials and other gigs. He also did television roles in an episode of Kojak in 1973 along with an unaccredited role in the movie Serpico. He also had several small roles in movies like All President’s Men, The Sunshine Boys, The Prisoner of Second Avenue, The Big Fix, etc. He took a break from these small roles from 1978 till 1983 because he was frustrated with the lack of substantial roles. He was disappointed with the response he was getting and he felt like his acting skills were not being appreciated enough. During this phase, he became a house-husband while his wife Kate Hannan took up a job to support their household. Although this change contradicted with the macho ideology, he felt great for it to have happened. In 1983, he returned to doing movies with a film called Scarface and to voice-overs by giving his voice to the Fruit of the Loom commercials. He gained true appreciation in the year 1984 when he won an Academy Award along with a Golden Globe Award for his role in the movie called Amadeus. That role is still considered iconic but the winning of the Oscar award was considered to have jinxed his career. The gossip was so far spread that many called the situation of facing a failure after an early success the F. Murray Abraham Syndrome. After the Oscar-winning performance, he was seen in a few more highlighted roles like in Mighty Aphrodite by Woody Allen, Star Trek: Insurrection and Finding Forrester. He also had an unaccredited role in The Bonfire of the Vanities due to some contract issues. Major changes were seen in his career since 2009 when he first appeared on Saving Grace as a guest and then later on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, The Good Wife and Louie. He was also the narrator on the show Nature and narrated around 33 episodes. The highlight of his TV career was when he was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2015 for his role as a black ops specialist in Homeland. Recently he has done movies like Inside Llewyn Davis and The Grand Budapest Hotel. He has two children from his first marriage along with a grandchild.

F Murray Abraham English Actor