Born on January 20, 1987, Evan Peters is a noted American actor in the arena of both television and film. He made a transition from the TV world to films and balanced his career very well. His breakout role was in a 2014 American superhero film, ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’, where he played a mutant. This mutant had the ability to deal with supersonic speeds, while moving, speaking and thinking. Evan was astonished in getting such a role of Quicksilver, where he speaks fast. After the success of this movie, he even appeared in the sequel of this movie titled ‘'X-Men: Apocalypse', that released in 2016, where his character is Quicksilver, but here he is understood to be the son of Magneto. Evan is searching for his father as he thinks he is an adoptive child and it takes 10 years to find a meaning between his relationships with Magneto. The movie released in May 2016 with a thunderous response from viewers, but only managed to get mixed reviews from the critics.

In this year 2016, his movie, 'Elvis & Nixon', released, where he played the character of Dwight Chapin, who was the deputy assistant to the President, Richard M. Nixon. Evan Peters won critical praise for playing the role of Dwight Chapin. In 2015, in the movie 'Safelight', he starred opposite Juno Temple, where both were casted in leading roles. His mega movie in 2015 was 'The Lazarus Effect', which had an assembled cast of Mark Duplass, Olivia Wilde and Donald Glover, but fared badly at the box office.

In the year 2013, he was casted opposite actress Emma Roberts Emma Rose Roberts is an American actress and singe >> Read More... Emma Roberts in a movie called ‘Adult World’. This movie was a box office hit. While shooting, Peters fell in love with Emma Roberts and announced that they were engaged in 2013. But later, both developed a bitter understanding and the engagement got canceled in June 2015. The actor made his debut in 2004 in the ABC TV series, 'Invasion', but his major breakthrough came in an anthology TV series called 'American Horror Story', where he appeared in numerous episodes and multiple seasons too. In the year 2005, he appeared in an American science-fiction television series, 'Invasion', where he played the character of Jesse Varon in 21 episodes. Before making his debut into acting, he pursued his career in modeling too. In order to make his mark in acting, he and his mother moved to Los Angeles.

Eriq La Salle English Actor

Eriq La Salle

Born on July 23, 1962, Eriq La Salle had undergone various training and completed courses in drama and other performing arts. These were pursued from acting programs he had chosen in his curriculum to evolve as an actor. First, he enrolled himself in Juilliard School's Drama Division for two years, and subsequently, again took up a bachelor degree from Tisch School of the Arts, which is handled by New York University. He got a degree from their graduate acting program. As a student for New York University, Eriq was casted in numerous plays in Broadway theater and even in off-Broadway theater groups. Plus, he was also casted as a reporter in ‘One Life to Live’, which is the longest-running TV serial in America. This serial ran for 43 years on the ABC network. In the year 1988, he appeared in a minor role in Paramount Pictures’ presentation movie, 'Coming to America', which turned out to be the highest grossed movie that year. In the world of television, the actor has played a lead role as Dr. Peter Benton. He appeared in its first eight seasons and appeared in two episodes of the show's final season. In the year 2005, Eriq La Salle appeared in a principal character in the movie, ‘Johnny Was’, which received good reviews from the critics. The theater release of the movie was only in 2006 in USA and UK. In the year 2009, he appeared in a TV movie called 'Relative Stranger', where he played the lead role of a football player who abandons his family, but later reunites. The year 1996 saw Eriq make his directorial debut with the HBO television film, "Rebound: The Legend of Earl 'The Goat' Manigault". This movie was based on an American street basketball famous player, Earl Manigault. In 2011, the actor got popularity, once again, in season 2 of the HBO TV comedy series, 'How to Make it in America'. In this series, he enacted a leadership role. He also appeared in a CBS TV series, 'A Gifted Man', where he played the role of a psychiatrist. In the year 2002, he jumped into the production line and became a co-producer of the movie, ‘The Salton Sea’, which received mixed reviews by critics. The actor was also associated with the direction of a few episodes of mega American serials such as ‘Ringer’ and ‘CSI: NY’. After long association as an actor, director, and producer, Eriq La Salle took a break and has even written a book. Again, he is back in his form doing some stellar roles in American TV shows.


Frank Krueger

Frank was born in New Jersey as the son of two High School English teachers. He was raised by his parents in his birthplace and attended schooling there. When he was 12 years old, he joined Taekwondo classes and after training hard, he won his first black belt at the age of 16. He then pursued his Bachelor of Arts degree from College of New Jersey. He got recruited as a production assistant for two shows namely The Late Show and The Rolando Show in New York City. His working environment provided him the knowledge and an understanding of the film industry and production processes. His passion towards acting was born at this stage, and hence he decided to do a Meisner program at the William Esper’s Studio. After completing the program, he worked in various theater production units and also had the chance to act in TV series such as The Division, The Street, and others. He also acted in soap operas like Bold & Beautiful, Days of our Lives, Young & Restless. In 2002, he along with few others founded Annex Film Group. Frank was the in charge of the company’s production unit and the company produced several short films. Importantly, the film Tab that won the Best Short Film at the Westwood International Film Festival. Frank also started to produce movies and also started his acting career in several movies. He directed and also produced various plays for companies like The Sanford MeisnerCenter in Hollywood and The Hollywood Fight Club in Los Angeles. Though he received very few offers for acting, he never let go of them and performed very well in all his disciplines. He acted in the action-packed premier Break and also played the same role in its sequel two years later. In 2007, he played a comic role in the movie The Pink Conspiracy. Then, he produced and acted in the hit flick Darkness Descends, a crime thriller that focuses on the issues faced by the homeless people in New York City. The script of the movie was written ten years ago by Frank during his screenwriting class. Frank, being a good actor and producer advises young people who are passionate toward the film industry to find a project that they really love and believe in it. Currently, he is working on the digital adaptation of the Hamlet.

Frank Krueger English Actor