Born in Manhattan, New York in the USA on May 25th 1976, Ethan Suplee is a notable actor of American industry. Ethan was born to Bill Suplee and Debby Suplee, and both of them were associated with acting. In fact, his parents met while performing in a theater and hence got married. Ethan never attended any acting school. Ethan’s road to success started with playing William Black in a romcom, ‘Mallrats’, which released in the year 1995. This movie was a hit and had a rating of 7.2 on IMDb.

Ethan has also done minor roles in the films like One Down, A Better Place and series like Tales From The Crypt, Third Watch, The Good Guys, No Ordinary Family, and much more. Ethan has acted in four films directed by Kevin Smith and the second film was Chasing Amy, which released in the year 1997. Ethan was famous because of his bulk figure and had mainly done comic roles. He started out by doing supporting roles which gave a boost to his career.

Ethan was cast in several telemovies like Don’t Look Back, The Year Without A Santa Claus, Playing With Guns, Rise Of The Zombies, and Nevermind Nirvana. Ethan appeared as a regular cast in the TV shows like My Name Is Earl and Jennifer Falls. My Name is Earl revolved around the story of a thug who won the prize of $100,000 in a lottery and decided to correct all the mistakes that he had ever made all his life. Ethan played the part of Randy Hickey in this series.

Jennifer Falls was also a sitcom which was about a mother who lost her high-paid job and faced certain difficulties in raising her daughter. This show didn’t get much appreciation. Ethan has acted in short movies including Ten Feet Apart, I’m Having A Difficult Time Killing My Parents, ‘Delivery’, and Grow Up Already. Ethan is famous because of acting in movies like The Butterfly Effect, Remember The Titans, The Wolf Of Wall Street, and Cold Mountain. Ethan has also done a minor role in the TV show, ‘ Entourage’.

Ethan also worked in the music videos including 3000 Miles Away and Lonesome Tears. He was also a nominee for Screen Actors Guild Award and Golden Nymph Award. Ethan tied the knot with Brandy Lewis, a notable producer.

Suplee is a happily married man with four children - Lily Lewis, Billie Grace Suplee, Bella Lewis, and Francis Clementine Lewis. Ethan worked on his health and reduced 200 pounds weight.

Ethan Hawke English Actor

Ethan Hawke

Ethan Green Hawke is a Hollywood actor, director, and writer. Born and raised in the state of Texas, the American National has starred in numerous hit films as well as directing and getting writing credits for other films. Aside from movies, he is a prominent theater personality and has done several high-profile plays as well. Hawke made his acting debut in a 1985 film titled ‘Explorers’, in which he portrayed a school boy with a fascination of aliens. The film was well received but bombed at the box office, something which led Hawke to take a sabbatical from the business. His big break came in the Robin Williams starred Dead Poets Society, in which he plays a quiet student character. The film was such a massive success that Hawke quit college to pursue acting full time. His success continued with a critically acclaimed role in Reality Bites, a popular romantic comedy movie in 1994. The next year, his film Before Sunrise centered on a love story between two strangers was once again showered with praise. His film career took off considerably and only got better thanks to his role in Training Day, a film based on two police officers where he starred opposite Denzel Washington. The film was well-received. At this time, he also directed a music video as well as an indie film titled Chelsea Walls; the latter was extremely unsuccessful. When he returned to acting, he once again found success; his role in Taking Lives was considered a saving grace for the film and Before Sunset was a success both critically and commercially. Hawke has since starred in numerous successful films, including the “Before” series as well as the drama film Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead. His most recent success story was ‘Boyhood’, a film that was shot over a period of twelve years. The film won numerous awards and was one of the best-reviewed films of 2014. He also has a pretty successful theater career and has performed in many well-received plays. He has starred in reenactments of plays written by Anton Chekov, Tennessee Williams, and even William Shakespeare. He has also published five different books throughout his career. As for 2016, he will star in the modern-day remake of the old Western movie The Magnificent Seven as well as another film titled ‘Maudie’. He is currently in the process of filming the French sci-fi movie ‘Valerian’ and The City Of A Thousand Planets, which is slated for a release in 2017.


Eugene Pallette

Eugene William Pallette is the actor of American origin who has worked in around 240 silent movies as well as in the pictures of the sound era. Born in Winfield to William Baird Pallette (father) and Elnora Jackson (mother), Eugene started his acting career at a very early age. After attending the Culver Military Academy in Indiana, he started doing small roles on stage. He had a sister named Beulah Phelps. He had a comic personality as he had a large stomach and a deep voice. In the year 1911, he began his acting career in the silent films as an extra. He made a small appearance in the Flying A Studios' western drama directed by Wallace Reid named The Fugitive. He appeared in feature films like ‘Intolerance’ in the year 1916 and The Birth of a Nation in the year 1915. Both were directed by D.W. Griffith. These were hit films he did. Till now, he had a slim figure and did an immature acting. One of his smashing super hits released in the year 1921, named Douglas Fairbanks which was a version of The Three Musketeers. It was a silent film but was a super hit. Soon after this movie, he gained a lot of weight. He weighed more than 300 pounds (136 Kg) but still he continued being one of the most recognizable actors of that time. He began coming in comic roles in Laurel and Hardy movies. He did a great job in the silent movies. Then came the era of sound pictures and it gave another major boost to his career. He had a typical gravel voice which was absolutely rare and inimitable. The period between 1930s to 1940s proved to be the best time for him. He mostly did comic roles in movies like The Lady Eve (American screwball comedy movie directed by Preston Surges), Mr. Smith goes to Washington (political- comedy drama), The Kennel Murder Case, etc. His comic timing was perfect. He was the one who could make people laugh just by walking downstairs. His frog voice is simultaneously tough as well as comic. He was the one to use his fatness as an advantage. He made it a sign of moderation in movies. He first married Phylis Gordon in 1912 but soon got divorced. He then married Marjorie Cagnacci and lived happily with her. In later years, he was featured as the father of many actresses in movies. He mostly did Wallace Reid’s films as he was a close friend of him. He was also the Pallbearer at Reid’s funeral. He did his final movie in the year 1946 named ‘Suspense’. After the World War 2, he also bought a property near Imnaha in Oregon. He converted it into a stock compound but then sold it. At the age of 65, he died due to throat cancer. He was a favorite of all and even after death everyone loves him.

Eugene Pallette English Actor