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Entourage Teasers, Trailers, Video & Songs

Doug Ellin-directed the amusing entertainer Entourage. The trailer shows that the film is fun-filled and will leave the audience happy. Vince and his friends enjoy life to the fullest and when he gets a call from his former agent Ari to star in his debut production, Vince agrees on the condition that he should be the director as well. Ari wonders if Vince even knows how to direct. The trailer introduces the viewers to Vince and his gang of companions. They all live a lavish life by riding in expensive cars. Ari worries about the movie’s failure. Despite others being pessimistic, Vince assures that everything’s good. Meanwhile, Ari gets to face many issues one after the other that act as a hindrance to the film. The proposed film has run over budget level and all of them think about how to fill the liability. The Entourage movie has many remarkable cameo performances by big movie stars.

This cinema is a continuation of the TV show of the same title. Popular acting star Vincent gets an offer from his former agent Ari, who is now a studio owner, to act in his film. Nearly after a year, they are unsure whether the film is finished. Vince asks for more money to complete it. Ari worries that their shooting has run over budget. He approaches co-financers of the movie to release more funds. They agree to do so only after seeing the movie. Vince is reluctant not to show the movie to anyone. After facing lots of turmoil, Aril resigns and he invests the money he earns from this in the movie. The movie eventually becomes a blockbuster.

The trailer shows how the film takes everyone on a laughter filled roller-coaster ride. The trailer achieved 181,930 views on Warner Bros. UK page. The film got negative reviews from critics, but the audience gave it an average score of ‘’A-‘’ rating.