Donnie is a Hong Kong film director, actor, producer and Chinese martial artist. She was born in China. When he was two years old, his family shifted to Hong Kong. At the age of 12 along with his family, he moved to the United States. His mother was a tai chi trainer and used to give training to him from the age of four. His father Kylster Yen was a newspaper editor. He used to practice tai chi but even took training in other martial arts styles like boxing, taekwondo, and kickboxing. He was sent to the best Chinese Martial Arts school- Beijing Wushu Academy. During his training, he developed self-confidence and self-discipline which helped him to become a world-class Wushu master. He was the first non-Chinese to get admission in the school. He made his first appearance in the movie, The Miracle Fighters in 1982. His second film was in 1984 Drunken Tai Chi which was a huge hit. His performance in the movies was very much appreciated by everyone. He was a great inspiration for the youngsters. He was known for his action scenes in the movies.

At the age of nineteen, he had achieved great appreciation and success. He gained more and more popular and had the opportunity to work with famous actors. He did major roles with D&B Films Co in the movies like Tiger Cage, Tiger Cage 2, In the Line of Duty and earned a good reputation throughout China. But after some time the company D&B Films Co. got bankrupt, and he had to work again in the small budget movies. But his fame continued in the industry. He worked in Once Upon a Time in China II in 1992. Director Hark Tsui was impressed and offered Yen the role of General Lan. He has even been a part of the television series Jing Wu-men. He started his production house in 1997 naming Bullet Films. Legend of the Wolf was his first directorial debut. His other directed works included Ballistic Kiss in 1998 and City of Darkness in 1999. He has even worked as a choreographer for fight scenes and made guest appearances in movies like Highlander: Endgame, Blade II in 2002. During the very same year, he worked as an assistant to famous Chinese director Yimou Zhang in the movie Hero. In 2003, he was seen in the movie Shanghai Knights along with Jackie Chan. His other movies include The Twins Effect, The Twins Effect II, Gin chap hak mooi gwai.

His recent works include An Empress and the Warriors, which was an epic battle movie in 2008, Painted Skin a supernatural romance and IP Man in the same year. He got married twice in his life. His first marriage was to Jowan Leung Sing-Si in 1994. The couple had a son together, and they divorced within a year in 1995. His second marriage was in 2003 to Cecilia Cissy Wang and have a daughter Jasmine and a son, James.

Donald Pleasence English Actor

Donald Pleasence

Donald Pleasence was an English television, film and stage actor. He is known for his performance in the Halloween series, as Dr. Sam Loomis. He played the role of villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the movie You Only Live Twice, a James Bond film. Others include The Great Escape and Cul-de-sac. He was born in England. His parents were Thomas Stanley Pleasence and Alice. He went to Ecclesfield Grammar School. His father worked as a railway station master. After his graduation, he worked as a railway clerk, as well was hunting for a job as an actor. During the second world war, he worked in RAF Bomber Command. During a raid on Agenville, his Lancaster died. He was sent to prison by the Germans and was taken to the prisoner-of-war camp where he used to produce and act in plays. In 1939, he worked as an assistant stage manager in a theater group with Jersey. He made his acting debut with Wuthering Heights as Hareton. He was a part of theater groups in Bristol and Birmingham. He moved to London and made his first presence there with the play Twelfth Night in the year 1942. In the 1950s, his performance included Hobson's Choice, The Lark by Jean Anouilh. He was most appreciated for his performance in The Caretaker by Harold Pinter at the Arts Theatre. His other performances include Anouilh's Poor Bitos by Anouilh, The Man in the Glass Booth by Robert Shaw. He won the London Variety Award in the category of the Stage Actor of the Year in 1968 for his performance in The Man in the Glass Booth. His later work included Tea Party and The Basement. Donald made his first television appearance in 1946 with I Want to Be a Doctor. In 1954, he starred in Nineteen Eighty-Four, which was an adaptation of a novel of the same name by George Orwell. It was an adaptation by the BBC and also featured Peter Cushing in the series directed by Nigel Kneale. He appeared in many episodes of The Adventures of Robin Hood by ITV. He played the character of Prince John. He was a part of Danger Man, a British spy series with Patrick McGoohan. He made his first appearance in the episode of an American television series The Twilight Zone. In 1973, he appeared in the episode of Columbo named "Any Old Port in a Storm." He played a murderer in the series. He made a presence in the series The Barchester Chronicles in 1982 by the BBC as Reverend Septimus Harding. He has been the host for the Halloween episode of Saturday Night Live in 1981. In 1986, he joined and collaborated with Polly Jo Pleasence and Ronald Lacey in a thriller series Into the Darkness. He made his first appearance in the film with The Beachcomber in 1954. His second film was Barnacle Bill opposite Alec Guinness. In 1958, he appeared in Look Back in Anger opposite Tony Richardson and Circus of Horrors by Sidney Hayers, in 1959. Because of his physical appearance and intense voice, he would mostly be selected for the role of villain. In Dr. Crippen, he played the role of Dr. Michaels and in 1966 he played a violent alcoholic Doc Tydon in the movie Wake in Fright. In Watch Out, We're Mad he played a mad doctor and Bond arch-villain in You Only Live Twice. He played the character of a comic villain, Dr. Evil in the film Austin Powers. In the 1960s, he appeared in The Great Escape, as Colin Blythe, The Night of the Generals as an old-school German general who was involved in the killing of Adolf Hitler. In 1965, he played a role in The Greatest Story Ever Told, which is a religious epic. In the 1970s, he played roles in movies like Halloween as Dr. Loomis, Escape to Witch Mountain, The Pumaman and Escape from New York. His character of Dr. Loomis was seen in many series of Halloween like Halloween II, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers in 1995. He had voiced for many characters. His voice was a part of a children's story records. He voiced for the Lonely Water and The Spirit of Dark which were British Public Information Film. He has written a children's book Scouse the Mouse. The book was later made into an animated film by Gerald Potterton as The Rainbow Boys. He received four times nomination from Tony Award in the category of Best Performance by a leading actor for the movie The Caretaker, The Man in the Glass Booth, Wise Child, and Poor Bitos. He was honored as Officer of the Most Excellent Order in 1994 by Queen Elizabeth II. He got married four times in his life and had five daughters. He married Miriam Raymond in 1941 and had Jean and Angela as their daughters, in 1959, he married Martin Crombie and had Polly and Lucy as daughters, married Meira Shore in 1970 and had Miranda with her. His last marriage in 1995 to Linda Kentwood. In 1995, he died at the age of 76 due to a heart attack.


Dorian Harewood

Dorian Harewood is also known as Willie Dorian Harewood, and he is an American actor who has given his contribution in films, television industry. He has even worked in the animation and video games industry. He has even worked in the radio industry. His notable films include Sparkle, Gray Lady Down, Sudden Death, Assault on Precinct 13 and much more. He was born in Ohio. His parents were Estelle Olivia Harewood and Emerson Macaulay. He did his graduation from the University of Cincinnati and graduated in 1971. He first appeared in television series Roots: The Next Generations aired on ABC. He played the character of Simon Haley. His second appearance was in An American Christmas Carol a television film in 1979. It was directed by Eric Till, and the story of the series was based on the novel A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. He later appeared in Strike Force, which was based on the concept of police procedural broadcasted on the ABC channel. The series was filled with violence and was titled as the most violent in American TV history. In 1983, he was seen in Trauma Center, which was a medical drama broadcasted on the ABC channel. He played the character of Dr. Nate 'Skate' Baylor in the serial. Along with him, the serial also starred James Naughton, Wendie Malick, Bill Randolph, Lou Ferrigno and others. His recent works in television include Tyler Perry's House of Payne in 2007 by Tyler Perry and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles in 2008 by Josh Friedman. The series was based on the around the lives of John Connor and Sarah. The series was aired on Fox and was produced by Warner Bros. His other television works include Beauty and the Beast in 1987, Polly: Comin' Home! In 1990, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman in 1994. In 2000’s he appeared in The Last Debate, Stargate SG-1, The Christmas Shoes and House of Payne. He made his first appearance in movies with Sparkle in 1976 by Sam O'Steen. The musical drama was based on the career of singer Sparkle Williams. The movie also featured Dwan Smith, Philip Michael Thomas, Irene Cara, and Dorian Harewood. The movie was very much appreciated by the audience and was even remade in 2012. His second film was Against All Odds. It was a romantic thriller movie by Taylor Hackford the movie was a remake of Out of the Past and starred Rachel Ward, James Woods, Jane Greer, and Richard Widmark. In 2005, he appeared in Assault on Precinct 13. The film was directed by Jean-François Richet, and it featured Laurence Fishburne, Ja Rule, Ethan Hawke, and Drea de Matteo. In 2016, he voiced for the movie Zootopia. It was a 3D animated comedy movie. He voiced the character of Mr. Otterton. His other movies include Levity, Pacific Heights, God Bless the Child, The Falcon and the Snowman, Evasive Action, Panic in Echo Park and much more. He has been a part of many animated series and film. His work includes in Aladdin, Biker Mice from Mars, Capitol Critters, Iron Man - War Machine- Season 2, Megas XLR, Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm - Jax Briggs, The Spectacular Spider-Man, W.I.T.C.H. and much more. He has even been a part of various video game series like Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, X-Men Legends, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. He has even served as a Public service announcement for DJ Ra. He got married to actress Nancy Harewood. The couple has two children, John Dorian, and Olivia Ruth. In 1994, he won the NAACP Image Award in the category of Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series.

Dorian Harewood English Actor