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Danny Aiello, the Academy Award nominated actor and singer, was born on June 20, 1933, in Manhattan, New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York to a working class family. His father was Daniel Louis Aiello, a laborer and his mother was Frances Pietrocova, a dressmaker. His father abandoned the family without even considering the fact his wife was blind, so for the survival of the family, Aiello had to do some odd jobs like delivering newspapers and polishing shoes. Aiello dropped out of his high school and joined the U. S. Army and served for three years. He then joined Greyhound, a famous inter-city coach services operator in Canada, and ten years later, he was elected as president of a local union. He lost the post and the job and was again thrown into struggles once again. He then started working as a bouncer at the New York comedy club. He used to do some characters whenever the performer was unable to. By seeing this friend of him suggested to try acting in movies, and this advice itself turned his life and brought him into the limelight. He made his acting debut through Tom Signorelli’s Lamppost Reunion and received Theatrical World Best Debut Award for the same. Aiello made his film debut through John D. Hancock’s sports drama Bang the Drum Slowly, which was based on baseball and Aiello played the role of a ballplayer in the movie. Then The God Father: Part II in 1974, The Front in 1976, Fingers in 1977 and around 80 other films to date.

His recent film was Reach me in 2014 in which he played the character of father Paul. Aiello married Sandy Cohen on January 8, 1955, and had four children-Danny Aiello III, Rick Aiello, Jamy Aiello and Stacy Aiello. Aiello III was a stuntman and actor but, unfortunately, passed away on May 1, 2010, at an age of 53, owing to pancreatic cancer. Aiello has also put his voice onto work in films like Hudson Hawk, an action adventure of Michael Lehmann, Once Around, Lasse Hallstrom’s comedy drama starring his son Ricky Aiello and also released several albums like I Just Wanted to Hear The Words in 2004, Live From Atlantic City in 2008, My Christmas Song For You in 2010 and Entitled Bridges in 2011 in collaboration with Hassan Johnson.