Richard E Robbins English Actor
  • DOB : 05-12-1969
  • Age : 51
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius

Richard E. Robbins is a multiple award-winning writers, executive, and director whose work incorporates fiction & other genres. His works are praised by The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, The Columbia DuPont Awards, The Directors Guild, The International Documentary Association and many others. He co-founded The Documentary Group commonly known as DocGroup. Born on 5th December 1969 and graduating from Harvard College, he began his early career working at ABC News and PBS Frontline. After that, he started directing his tasks in the documentary unit of Peter Jennings at ABC News.

Richard’s first partnership with Jennings was on the widely praised ABC’s multi-part series “The Century.” His later works at ABC took him around the nation and the world. From valleys & peaks of Kashmir talking Al-Qaeda terrorists for “Peter Jennings Reporting: Dark Horizon – India, Pakistan, and the Bomb 2000”, to the media plane of Bush battle in the year 2000, to the back of an LAPD squad auto-watching Watts for “ Peter Jennings Reporting: LAPD 2004 ”. During this, in June 2001 he married Katherine Collins Pope. In late 2001 - 2002, he was in Afghanistan and Pakistan covering the war for World News Tonight.

Robbins departed from ABC in 2004 to co-form P.J. Productions, renamed The Documentary Group or DocGroup taking after Peter Jennings' passing. Richard’s “Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience," was his first documentary which was released theatrically. It received positive reviews from the critics worldwide. According to Orlando Sentinel, it was “the best documentary to come out of the Iraq War.” He received eight nominations for it including an Academy Award Nomination. He won two of them including the Emmy for Outstanding Individual Achievement. In 2013, He Co-Directed & Produced critically-acclaimed film “Girl Rising.”

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