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Matt Osterman is a director in the industry. He has extensively worked as a writer and producer also. The filmmaker hailed from Rhinlands, Wisconsin and was born on 22, May 1978. He worked hard to make a place in the industry and worked on a few masterpieces of Hollywood. He is more into the genre of science-fiction and loves to create out of the boxing reality. He started with a short film named ‘Ghost from the Machine’ in the year 2010. It had the star cast of Sasha Andrews, Max Hauser, Mathew Feney, Katrina Hawley, Emily Fradinburgh, Ellen Karsten, and Michelle Burah. The direction of the movie was brilliant, and the director received a lot of appreciation for it. It revolved around the life of a young boy who attempts to bring back his dead parents through the invention of the time machine.

The film got selected for the ‘Independent feature project of Filmmakers Narrative lab’ in the year 2009. He made a documentary called Sportsfan with the collaboration of and Aaron Lubarsky. It released on Spikes TV and got showcased on many reputed film festivals in and around the country. The artist also had an association with Dann Buettner, an Emmy award winner with whom he founded the Quest Network and the Blue Zones. He led research for National Geographic Magazine’s cover story ‘Secrets by Longevity’ in the year 2005. Matt is involved with the Brand building of more than twenty-five brands including Circuit City, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Best Buy, and Tarat. The director got many known movies in his bag.

One of them is 400 days, it got released in the year 2015 and had the star cast of Caity Lotz, Brandon Routh Catherine LaVonne and Ronald Wayne gave birth to B >> Read More... Brandon Routh , Tom Cavanagh, Dane Cook Dane Cook is an American film actor and a stand-up >> Read More... Dane Cook , Ben Feldman, Grant Bolder, Sally Pressman Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Sally Pressman , , and Oz Kalvan. It narrated the story of a space crew whose life goes haywire with an experiment gone rogue. He directed the Sci-Fi film Hover in the year 2018. It starred Cleopatra Coleman Cleopatra Coleman is an Australian performing arti >> Read More... Cleopatra Coleman , Shane Coffey Shane Coffey is an artist, born on April 7, 1987, >> Read More... Shane Coffey , Craig MuMs Grant, Fabrianne Therese, Rhoda Griffis Rhoda Griffis is an out of the box American actor, >> Read More... Rhoda Griffis , and Leo Fitz Patrick. The movie had a storyline about the upcoming future where a cropping system based on a technology fails which led to chaos as the technology itself reveals to be responsible for it. He produced the movie ‘The Negative’ in the year 2013. It got directed by Ted Hahh and had the genre of Mystery and science fiction.