Birthday: 27-05-1978
Age: 41
Star sign: Gemini


Matt Osterman is a director in the industry. He has extensively worked as a writer and producer also. The filmmaker hailed from Rhinlands, Wisconsin and was born on 22, May 1978. He worked hard to make a place in the industry and worked on a few masterpieces of Hollywood. He is more into the genre of science-fiction and loves to create out of the boxing reality. He started with a short film named ‘Ghost from the Machine’ in the year 2010. It had the star cast of Sasha Andrews, Max Hauser, Mathew Feney, Katrina Hawley, Emily Fradinburgh, Ellen Karsten, and Michelle Burah. The direction of the movie was brilliant, and the director received a lot of appreciation for it. It revolved around the life of a young boy who attempts to bring back his dead parents through the invention of the time machine.

The film got selected for the ‘Independent feature project of Filmmakers Narrative lab’ in the year 2009. He made a documentary called Sportsfan with the collaboration of Jon Stewart and Aaron Lubarsky. It released on Spikes TV and got showcased on many reputed film festivals in and around the country. The artist also had an association with Dann Buettner, an Emmy award winner with whom he founded the Quest Network and the Blue Zones. He led research for National Geographic Magazine’s cover story ‘Secrets by Longevity’ in the year 2005. Matt is involved with the Brand building of more than twenty-five brands including Circuit City, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Best Buy, and Tarat. The director got many known movies in his bag.

One of them is 400 days, it got released in the year 2015 and had the star cast of Caity Lotz, Brandon Routh, Tom Cavanagh, Dane Cook, Ben Feldman, Grant Bolder, Sally Pressman, Fernanda Romero, and Oz Kalvan. It narrated the story of a space crew whose life goes haywire with an experiment gone rogue. He directed the Sci-Fi film Hover in the year 2018. It starred Cleopatra Coleman, Shane Coffey, Craig MuMs Grant, Fabrianne Therese, Rhoda Griffis, and Leo Fitz Patrick. The movie had a storyline about the upcoming future where a cropping system based on a technology fails which led to chaos as the technology itself reveals to be responsible for it. He produced the movie ‘The Negative’ in the year 2013. It got directed by Ted Hahh and had the genre of Mystery and science fiction.

Ben Lewin English Actor

Ben Lewin

Not only one of the most renowned Australian writer and director, but Ben Lewin is also a person more than that. He was born in Poland in 1946, brought up in Australia but is working in California since 1994. At the age of 6, he was prone to one of the highest contagious disease – Polio. He completed his education in Princes Hill Secondary College. His strengths are his children and his wife – Judi Levine – who is his producing partner also. He has not only worked in films but also contributed majorly to documentaries, series, episodes, short stories, feature stories, and TV movies. Talking about his past life, since beginning his passion lied in photography and creative writing but he completed his law studies. Later on, Ben left Australia in the 70’s for making his film career. He joined BBC Television as a director on Nationwide program. Very soon he worked in programs like the Thames, Channel Four Television and Granada. What made him what he is today is the TV episode “The Case of Cruelty to Prawns” which won the Best Television Film Award at Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF). The word “Impossible” was missing from his dictionary as he left no genre to work on. Be it a comedy; A matter of Convenience (1987), or mystery; Georgia (1988), or even romance; Paperback Romance (1994), he mesmerized everyone with his stunning works. He left no stones unturned in this field of film industry. He worked as an actor in the TV series – Reclaimed Freedom as Jesse in 2017. He was a writer too and wrote astounding books like “The Dunera Boys” and “Rafferty’s Rules.” The Dunera Boys which was later on converted in the film released in 1985 starring Bob Hoskins became a multi-award-winning film. Ben got an overnight success with “The Sessions” in 2012 starring Oscar nominees John Hawkes and Oscar winner Helen Hunt. After setting the high records, the director shared with the media that the poet Mark O’Brien’s article was his inspiration which resulted in him with The Sessions. However, nothing is stable. Ben's life too kept having ups and downs. “The Catcher Was a Spy” was one of the biggest obstacles of his life. This movie starring Paul Rudd was a story about a baseball player who was given the task to spy on Germans during the Second World War. The film released in June 2018. He is a blessing in the field of Filmography.


Andrew Fleming

Andrew Fleming is an American director, producer, actor, and screenwriter. He hails from a family where both his parents have worked in the film industry. He completed his higher education in film-making from New York University Film School. He has also acquired training in the Meisner Technique for two years along with Joanne Baron. He is a child actor and started working in the industry in his early days. He made appearances on various TV commercials and TV series as a child artist. He directed and wrote films such as Bad Dreams, The Craft, Threesome, and many others. He has also directed various pilots of several TV series. A few of the movies that he worked on as a director, screenwriter, or producer include Every Breath (1994) (Screenplay), The Craft (1996) (Director/Screenplay), Dick (1999) (Director/Screenplay), The In-Laws (2003) (Director), Nancy Drew (2007) (Director), Hamlet 2 (2008) (Director/Screenplay/Producer), Barefoot (2014) (Director), Ideal Home (2018) (Director/Screenplay). He has also directed and produced numerous TV series. A few of them consist of Gross Pointe that had 16 episodes (2000) (Director), Paranormal Girl (2002) (Director/Screenplay/Producer), one episode of Arrested Development (2005) (Director), Head Cases (2005) (Director), The Loop (2007) (Director), TV movie No Heroics (2009) (Director), two episodes of Franklin and Bash (2011) (Director), one episode of Wedding Band (2013) (Director), one episode of New Girl (2013) (Director), four episodes of The Michael J Fox Show (2013-14) (Director), four episodes of Bad Judge (2014-15) (Director), four episodes of Odd Mom Out (2015) (Director, Executive Producer), one episode of Difficult People (2015) (Director), two episodes of Red Oaks (2015) (Director), two episodes of Lady Dynamite (2016) (Director), five episodes of Younger (2016-17) (Director), six episodes of Insatiable (2018) (Director). Apart from being a producer and director, he has also acted in a few movies. Some of his notable roles include Klete Vanderjack in Fired Up! (2009), Doctor in Easy A (2010), Driver in Friends with Benefits (2011), Cleve Sweetzer in Annie (2014). He has been nominated for several awards and honors some of which include Golden Derby Awards (Original Song) and OFTA Film Awards (Best Music, Original Song) (2009) for Hamlet 2, Panavision Spirit Award for International Camera (2014) for Barefoot in Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Audience Award for Ideal Home in Edinburgh International Film Festival (2018). He has won the FilmOut Audience Awards for Best Comedy (2018) for the movie Ideal Home.

Andrew Fleming English Actor