Brandon Routh English Actor
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Catherine LaVonne and Ronald Wayne gave birth to Brandon Routh on 9th of October 1979. He was born in Norwalk, USA. The household he was raised in was a Methodist one. He has three other siblings in his family. Brandon took his education from Norwalk High School and participated in activities like that of music, sports and theater in school. He then went to Lowa University where he took his degree in Scottish Literature because wanted to be a writer in life. 

Routh accepts that he was a momma’s boy as a child. He apart from acting and sports plays instruments like piano and trumpet. In order to pay his tuition fee, he became a part-time actor and modeled while studying at University of Lowa. 

Coincidently, he was a huge fan of superman comics and movies when he was a child. At a Halloween party, he went dressed as Superman in the year 2003. It was surprising enough that he bagged the role of superman in the movie Superman Returns the very next year of this incident. He dated Courtney Ford and got engaged in the year 2006. They finally became a couple on 24th of November 2007. They welcomed their son James Routh on 10th of August, 2012. 

He is widely known for his extremely famous role of Superman in the movie Superman Returns which came out in the year 2006. Although the box office reactions to this movie were pretty disappointing, he still managed to gain appreciation for his portrayal of Superman and also got the Best Superhero Award by Spike TV defeating Hugh Jackman. 

After playing Superman, he appeared in the superhero series Arrow and played the role of The Atom. He can also be seen playing himself as a cameo role in Bollywood movie Kambakkht Ishq Click to look into! >> Read More... Kambakkht Ishq (2009). Other movies that he did were Scott Pilgrim Vs the World and The Fling in which he acted and co-produced too.