Joachim Ronning English Actor
Other Skills
    - Director

Joachim Ronning is a director from Oslo, Norway. He was born on May 30, 1972. Ronning is well renowned and mostly associated with his childhood friend, Espen Sandberg Espen Sandberg is a Norwegian advertising producer >> Read More... Espen Sandberg , who was born on 2nd June, 1971. They both work together under a company named ‘Roenberg’. The foundation of Roenberg began in 1995. The duo started their career by making commercials for concerns in Scandinavia, which gave them international recognition. After that, they worked with corporate giants like Coca Cola Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Coca Cola , Nokia, GE, Nintendo, and Airbus.

The buddies, while they were taking up their education at Stockholm Film School in Sweden, used to have a camera over their shoulder, which is around 30 pounds, and make short films. ‘Dag 1’ was their first short film. Then, their career started to build up into professional cinematographer. Later, they stuck to their knowledge and began to explore the field of filming documentaries.

Their first documentary was about the military soldiers from the Royal Norwegian Army. This documentary soon twisted their career in making on screen visuals. They picked up history-speaking characters, came up with a story, and they presented it to us, which in turn made their country soil proud. These movies were, ‘Max Manus: Man of War’ (2008), and ‘Kon-Tiki’ (2012).

‘Kon-Tiki’ got nominated for many awards like, “Academy Award for Best Foreign Language’, ‘Amanda Award for Best Direction’, ‘Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film’, and ‘Satellite Awards for Best Foreign Language Film’. The combination of interesting directors with an effective team having a project will surely be exciting enough for us. Example of this is ‘Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales’ , which is to be screened in 2017, is now in its post production stage. Furthermore, the ‘Roenberg’ team has directed a TV series named ‘Marco Polo’, in the year 2014.