Harold Cronk English Actor
Other Skills
    - Director

Cronk is a 42 years old American writer, director, producer and a founding partner of 10 West Studios and EMC productions. He was born on October 27, 1973, in Reed City, Michigan. Cronk is famous for his works like “God’s Not Dead”, “Mickey Matson and the Copperhead”, “Conspiracy”, and “Jerusalem Countdown”. He triumphed the best director award at Beverly Hills International Film Festival in 2006. JH JH He concluded his schooling from Baldwin School District till class 6th. Afterwards, he took admission in Mason County Central High School in 1993 where he became active in the Theatre department.

He accredited from the Central Michigan University in 1998 with Bachelor of Science in Art and K-12 Education. At Evart High School Harold coached the high school with Arts courses and was chosen as the Teacher of the year. At the school, Mathew Tailford was Cronk’s fellow teacher and they had much in common like he had an acting experience like Cronk had. Later, Tailford interned as Art director on a television pilot.

Both Cronk and Tailford travelled to Los Angeles to perform production design and Art direction duties for the show. Tailford and Cronk thought to extend their partnership further. They tried their hand at producing Cronk’s screenplay south Manitou and The Agent. Eventually, cronk decided to direct the war peace. After facing many rejection notices from various film festivals, it was accepted by Beverly Hills International Film festival. Cronk won the best director award for The War Peace. Winning this award, in the words of Harold Cronk was “ .. a total shock”.